Thursday, February 28, 2008

Barbarians At The Gate...

Growing up I was often told "Don't kick a man when he's down." But I ask, when is the best time to kick him when he is up and ready to defend himself? So might I suggest to BF's of Senator Hillary Clinton, while she is on her knees with her back turned, surround and kick her. Who needs to see Brutos and the senate betray Caesar, when we are experiencing our on modern day play.

Who needs to read Caligula when we are witnessing our own lovefest of a great speaker. Not familiar with the story of Caligula? Click:

The entire uproar over Barack Obama's middle being used by radio talk show host Phil Cunningham is absurd. It is he man's middle name. He can't hide from it. There is no way Obama will become president and his middle name is never used. Make no doubt, it will be used throughout the Muslim and Islamic world. While Cunningham's is questionable, the fact of the matter is if chosen to be the Democratic nominee or President these tops of tactics will be used constantly. Why is the media correcting this fellow media guy on the matter, when they themselves of the discretion of being biased when it comes to Senator Clinton?

Why isn't Clinton connecting with the public? Well because the media criticizes everthing she does and gives Obama a pass. Folks we went through this with the 2000 election. George W. Bush VS Albert Arnold Gore.
Let me tell you, it doesn't work. What is it? Great speeches and motivational speeches. Look at where the country is now? Before then everyone saw George Bush as a person you could have a beer with. Look at where the beer got us?

It's The Media Stupid!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the media is asking itself again, why is Obama's campaign out performing Clinton's. Or I read this "Clinton under estimated Obama". No she over estimated the reporting of the media. She thought they would be fair and report accurately, as they had done when her husband was President. President Clinton was scrutinized for everything and then some, but he bounced back. Why? Because what was being reported on wasn't news in the sense of being paramount to the well being of the country.

The power of the pen is omnipotent. With a few strikes and you can make a person question his on good judgment or even believe a lie rather than the truth. The media is good but can be dangerous when left unchecked. I ask that you all watch and question what you read and hear. Always remember, it is what's not being said that is important. I was always told when a person is giving you much praise and not telling you when you do wrong question this source and the intentions. The media is notorious for building people up and then tearing them down.

Judgment: Guilty

Bobby Cutts, Jr., was found guilty be a jury of his peers today in Ohio. Justice served. End of story.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And We Are Not Saved...

Tuesday night, February 26, 2008 was the final debate before the March 4th Super Tuesday vote. It was by all accounts a fair and unbiased match. Unbiased in that the commentators: Brian Williams and Tim Russert for once didn't show their networks lovefest for Senator Barack Obama. In fact, one might say the network allowed the two journalist to behave like journalists and ask pertinent questions. 20 debates late and possibly a few votes short for one of the candidates. Let's face it of the 20 debates the Democrats have had, this was the only one which really got to substantive issues. It allowed viewers to really key in on what the candidates were saying. Gone were the audience participation of applauses and cheers (think high school or college pep rallies). With the fanfare gone viewers finally got a good old fashion debate. And it was about time. On Saturday "Saturday Night Live", in its first episode after the writers' strike, did a piece mocking the debates. While it was a comedy skit reenacting Senators Clinton and Obama. It was true to life in how CNN has an apparent lovefest for Senator Obama. During the sketch the commentators all appeared to be enamored by Obama and constantly chastised or hammered Clinton (art imitating life). Any one looking at the real life coverage of the two senators race for the White House by MSNBC or CNN would have to be blind not see how slanted it is.

The other day the commentators on MSNBC and CNN pondered whether or not Obama has been getting favorable press coverage. The answer was yes. Why? Because he is a fresh face and charismatic. Every move he makes is seen as great. One would think he is the next coming. No wonder he is doing so well in the polls. Clinton on the other hand is vilified for every word or action made. Isn't his odd for the news media to admit? Granted Clinton has been on stage for quite sometime the treatment the press gives her isn't warranted, fair, accurate or balanced. This point was brought up by Clinton during Tuesday night's debate when she made reference to the skit on Saturday Night Live. Oops! Wrong move girlfriend. The commentators on MSNBC ate her alive saying she was being peevish and hurting herself. That's not all they said. Keith Oberlmann felt Clinton lost the debate and it was her final stand. It is obvious that the press wrote Clinton's demise the day Obama won the Iowa Caucus (and now recently having lost the 10 other primaries hasn't help her none). If the media had its way, Clinton would have become history in January, but she persevered and the media hasn't forgiven her since.

What is it about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton that is so devisive? What has she done? She is the most exposed American to date. Her private life is just about an open book. Any one else in her shoes would have been broken, walked away and hidden under a rock. With Clinton, we have a strong woman not giving up and willing to stay in the public eye to serve. Why? Because she feels she can make a difference. Many say it is hubris and selfish. What degree of hubris would a person gain by putting themselves out there for all to attack? What is it about her that we hate? Let's face it, if there were any improprieties the media in its infamous wisdom would have made us all aware (think John McCain and the alleged affair). But would the same hold true of Obama.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Mark Halperin with Time, Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times and Fox News (a network many consider biased) haved stepped out and denounced the way MSNBC, CNN (Wolff Blitzer) and others cover Clinton and Obama. Neil Cavuto, Brit Hume, Jim Angel, Juan Williams and even Bill O'Reilly (all fox commentators) have noticed how the liberal media all seem to be in bed with Obama. Of all stations, I would think Fox wouldn't care of Clinton's biased coverage, but it seems they are being true to the moniker FAIR and BALANCED. This network raises the questions: what has Obama done during his 2 year term on the Hill? What bills have his name? What bipartisan relationships has he forged? How many votes has he made and has he missed? There is a huge unfilled gap of question unanswered by Obama. MSNBC, CNN and others choose to overlook this gap because the commentators, journalist (whatever they are calling themselves) are mesmerized by his eloquent speeches. Their journalistic pens skip a beat each time he utters a word and adrenaline runs up their spine when he flashes his pearly whites. He talks about change and they all become starry eyes. Last I heard, change is more than words but action.

Journalism Sin: Joe Scarborough (former Republican Senator) and Mika Brzezinski (I think a journalist) gushing each morning over Obama. These two love struck lovebirds should be taken off the air.

Polls say that Obama can beat McCain? On what? Obama has never been vested. He has never had to encounter the serious tough questions. He has been allowed to walk through the park with white bunny slippers. Whenever the Clinton camp attempts to challenge him on anything CNN and MSNBC defends him and chastises her. What's a girl suppose to do? Maybe the Republican's want a Obama challenger as oppose to a fighter like teflon-Clinton.

A confused media:
During the early stages of the election, Senator Joseph Biden made a comment addressing the fact of Obama being good looking and articulate. The media went beserk. Why? It is true. He is black, good looking and articulate. Is the media afraid to say he is black? Are they afraid to question his vague positions, Are they afraid to say he gets a majority of the black vote because he is black? Is challenging him on anything a crime, thus he gets a pass. It seems as though the media has made it a crime to be black. The media creates polls on every demographic group (even white males have been given a group, per Chris Matthews). Why is it a crime to do polls on blacks and Obama?

Make no mistake Obama is a black man and if MSNBC and CNN chooses not to recognize this fact _ that blacks are voting for him because he is black, young people are voting for him because they aren't informed and are in love with the rock star status, or white men are voting for him because they would rather see a man than woman as president _ the Republicans will ever so carefully, skillfully and dutifully point it out and we won't forget. Perhaps, if there were more young black journalists and commentators on these shows and moderating the debates such confusion of color wouldn't be an issue. Gwen Ifil comes to mind.

We are facing history, watching it slowly take shape and be formed and all that should and could be wrote won't be written because we are afraid to write what it really is. We are failing by not moving forward. Race and gender have always been points of contention when going against the other. Let's not pretend but rather face the obvious. Only then can real change be achieved.

"and we are not saved."

Monday, February 25, 2008

Who Is Ralph Nader?

Who is Ralph Nader? Read for yourself:

If this reading doesn't satisfy your taste buds then ask former presidents George Bush, Sr., or William Jefferson Clinton. They will tell you how he interfered in the 1992 election. Perhaps you young enthusiast, who are participating in the election process for the first time, should ask the current President George Bush and Al Gore. These two men will tell you how his candidacy had the entire election process in an upheaval in 2000, only eight years ago.

Who is Ralph Nader?

Ralph Nader is an American citizen who is doing what any citizens can do…run for president. Though his chances of winning is nil…zero…not a chance in the world, he will still run and could perhaps spoil things for either the Republican or Democratic nominee. History could be set to repeat itself. A man who forgets his history is doomed to repeat it.

What is behind Nader’s run? Who knows other Nader. Whenever he decides to run (he ran in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 and now 2008) his reasons almost are pretty much the same: people aren’t happy with the current two parties. But wait _ isn’t Senator Obama glavanizing the vote of young people and the disenfranchised? Senator Clinton certainly has the Republicans in an upoar as well as Senator McCain. What’s left for Nader? Could it be his self deprecating ego? What exactly drives this man? Why does he think he is the candidate to cure all? Well for one, believe it or not there are a few stragglers hanging around at home who are disenfranchised and have been waiting for Nader to jump out and spoil things for the rest of us. Here we thought history would be made, but Mr. Nader is about to turn things into a circus.

Hold on folks. This could be a bumpy ride.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Obama Skips

"Lest We Forget…" continued.

Senator Hillary Clinton, though behind in the polls, took out time to address the annual State of the Black Union forum in New Orleans. The event was moderated by talk show personality Tavis Smiley. While presidential hopeful Barack Obama was invited to attend, he declined. As reported by he needed to focus on his presidential run ahead of the critical March 4 primaries. And in a letter he wrote to Tavis Smiley he said "In the final stretch, I will be on the campaign trail every day in states like Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin talking directly with voters about the causes that are at the heart of my campaign and the State of the Black Union forum."

Wait...isn't he ahead in the delegate count. Should he not have felt obligated to attend? Had Senator Clinton declined, African American's would have held her accountable and would not have forgotten a “no show” by her. Even if they had wanted to forget every media outlet existing would have run stories and slaughtered her that she turned her back on her black base, though it should be noted this base has not done anything for her, lately. Needless to say Senator Clinton received a mediocre welcome from the mostly black audience. I have attached the article as reported on CNN.

I will paraphrase the great Maya Angelou when a person shows you the way they are believe them.

Could it be that the distinguished Senator Obama was advised by his staff that he risk alienating his white base by showing up at the mostly black event? Let's see if the media will pick-up on this. I doubt it, for they are at the moment enamored over Obama.

Playing the devil’s advocate: if he wasn’t receiving a large portion of the black vote…I wonder…I wonder…if he would have attended the event?

Lest We Forget...Actions and Words...

"Lest we forget" a phrase by Rudyard Kipling in 1887.

Simply because it makes you feel good and gets you active doesn't mean action will take hold from the speaker. What you can depend on are actions that have been proven time after time again. While it seems that Barack Obama could possibly be the Democratic Nominee, where do we go from here? To African Americans who have hoped and prayed to have a black president in their life time, your hope and prayers could come true. But what exactly would you have gotten? A President Barack will not only be your president, but the president for all. Make no mistake that he will hear your concerns, but the concerns of all. So do not expect reparations for slavery or to be hoisted to the front of the dinner table. What you will and can expect is the bar being raised even higher in the African American Community. You will need to take responsibility for your own actions. You will need to weed out drugs, high school drop-outs, single parent households and last but more important black on black crime. Don't expect the new President to address this single handily. It will take the involvement of all (the same would be expected of a Republican President). So putting all your eggs in one basket isn't practical.

The Momentum. Many ask why Senator Obama is doing so well in the polls thus beating Senator Clinton and delving into her base of African Americans and women. I ask the same thing. After all, Clinton had the name recognition the money and contacts. However, what she didn't have was a media willing to be equally fair and unbiased. The other day during a rally Senator Obama stopped to blow his nose and the crowd went wild as well as the media. Senator Clinton shows up at a venue and her voice is hoarse and the media says she sounds shrill. In the beginning Hillary had a huge war chest of money which has now been depleted. During an attempt to raise $1million the media went crazy and wanted to know where the money was coming from. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Obama more than quadrupled the amount in fundraising activities and no one said anything. The media rags the Clinton campaign over the poor and women supporting her. No one addresses the issue of Obama and the black vote. Why? Former President Bill Clinton was attacked for making a true statement of Jesse Jackson and the primary votes he won and Obama's position on Iraq being a fairy tale; however, it was all quiet when Michelle Obama made a comment on being proud for the first time of her country. Do you think the Republican's will give Obama a walk in the park if elected? Why are African Americans so easily deceived by a good speech and no action?

While you have the right to vote for whomever you choose, lest you forget who supported you when you had nothing. Lest you forget who will always be there for you? Lest you forget...lest you forget... and bite the hands which feeds you.

Change isn’t just about a rock star, for as you know there are many one hit rock star wonders. They fade away after the first great song, but what stays and maintains is the substance and action to do. In the end, when little old white ladies (who vote more than energized youths) realize there is not much action in talk they will turn and vote for experience, which could be a Republican.

Friday, February 22, 2008

An Affair To Remember or Not Remember....Fair Reporting

Does any one really care about John McCain having an affair other than The New York Times? I shudder to even think of the mere idea of McCain being intimate let alone having an affair. What is the world coming to? The reporting of this story was a case of The New York Times not having anything to write about and being afraid of the New Republic beating them in releasing a story which the Times has had in its possession since December. I smell a rat. Not only is the story not worth printing, but it is my understanding that after the whole Monica Lewinksy/Bill Clinton sexgate story, the media agreed not to report on these types of stories without just cause. What was the just cause here? Was this an FYI to the conservatives, who themselves probably have this type of baggage in their closets. I must say I have never been a fan of The New York Times and this incident has not changed my feelings. What two consenting adults do behind closed doors or open doors is no ones business but the two consenting adults. Furthermore, this is a matter for McCain and his wife not the media or the public. Watch out Mike Huckabee?

This brings me to my next thought. It has been said Senator Hillary Clinton is only on the public scene because of her husband's indiscretions. I feel for Mrs. Clinton. No matter what she does, she will always be remembered for her husband's shortcomings. I guess this is why Mrs. Clinton is considered a polarizing figure, for what has she done to receive so much scorn especially from men? I would think men would run and praise her for not leaving a cheating husband. Secondly, the whole notion that if she were anyone else (another woman) men would vote for her. WRONG. Men are not voting for her not because she is Hillary Clinton, but more so because she is a woman. Folks face it this is a "White Man's" world. I don't say this in a racial way, but more so realistically stating a fact, which some find hard to admit. Likewise, Senator Barack Obama is receiving the black vote, not because of things Senator Clinton or her husband have said, but more so because he is black. If any one says differently, then I am sorry to inform you that you are not accepting the basic fact.

Obama has not cut into Clinton's black base because they don't like her message but rather they are looking at a black man they want to see in their life time as President. But at what cost? This I would say is a silent form of bigotry. By the same token women who are voting for Senator Clinton are doing so because she is a woman. Blacks and women have an agenda in this election process. We as people must be aware of this and accept the fact. And likewise the media must report on this accordingly and not attack either candidate when the obvious on the matter is mentioned. Let the people decide and the media report.

What happens when one of them gets the nomination and the Republican nominee starts to point out the obvious? Yes Obama says he is an agent of change, but change of what? Is it so bad that Hillary has experience he doesn’t have? It is one thing to have rock star status, but at the end of the day what will be delivered with change or experience?

As a journalist by training, I say to the media please report accurately and let the public decide. Report the entire story and not take sides and then try to package it as facts when in actuality it is mere opinions. It you chose to chastise one do the same to the other and not gush over how the person makes you feel.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Super Delegates and President Dubya Bush

Right after Super Tuesday, the media became fixated on the Democrats' Super Delegates. And not as much as who they were but more so if the Clinton camp would be strong arming them to vote for her. Now we find out Obama's campaign has donated approximately $695,000 to the camps of these delegates. Clinton has given approximately $195,000. Interesting it seems there is a pay for play atmosphere shaping up. The media has left behind the normal delegates (they apparently don't seem to matter anymore) and are now looking at the Supers. Now had the table been the other way with Clinton giving more to the Super Delegates I wonder if the media would be angling a story of the Clinton's paying for votes? So far many Democrats are saying the Super Delegates should not decide who the nominee will be, yet we have one nominee seemingly paying for their votes. Now of course one would say, Obama has more money to give to the Super Delegates coffers then Hillary, but still the look of impropriety. This is an issue which should be brought up. If Hillary and company are going to be chastised for allegedly swaying the Super Delegate vote, then Obama should be chastised for for seemingly paying for votes.

During the next debate, I hope pertinent questions are addressed relating to the economy and healthcare. The side questions of "will you support the other", "why has your campaign done so poorly" "what is your camp doing to get your supporters behind you" and "do you respect your candidate" all are irrelevant! These type of filler questions only serve to cause division and not give substance on what the candidates will do. Come on this is America. Of course the other candidate will support the other, even if there is strife during the primary races.

Enough about the Democrats. There is another party...the Republicans??? Will the current President Bush campaign for McCain? Is this a risk for McCain? We all wondered this about then President Clinton and presidential hopeful Al Gore back in 1999 (would he or wouldn't he campaign for Gore). By the way, hats off to Al Gore for not endorsing either candidate. I am sure the media would love for you to endorse either Clinton or Obama.

And thank you Mr. George Bush, Sr., for endorsing McCain.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Whose Party Is It Any Way?

Why is it that the GOP is so concerned about Hillary's positioning in the polls? For the life of me I can't figure this out? I can understand why the media is concerned but the Republicans? Come on let's face it, the GOP has already said a Hillary Democratic nominee would without a doubt bring out their base and give the win to McCain. But yet it seems all Republican strategists and polls are hoping for a Barak nominee. Could it be that they see a win over Barak and a brusing battle with Clinton. Coventional wisdom says eliminate the more formidable opponent and go up against the weakest. You decide what is going on.

Yet another point to notice. Why is Rush Limbaugh the voice of the conservative movement? Granted, some of his rhetoric is reasonably stated, but there is a portion 30% which is full of self serving hypocrisy. Until he is able to clearly address the issue of his drug use (yes you read it right) what he spews out over the radio waves should be taken with a grain of salt. He claims a right to privacy when the matter comes up. This is the problem with these self proclaimed voices of the people (whether they be conservatives or liberals). All must be held accountable for their actions. You can not pronounce judgment from the pulpit on repenting sinners when you yourself have yet to repent. All should be living by the same standard.

I call Limbaugh out and demand him to open the books on his questionable lifestyle. He Must and should come clean!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To Whom The Bell Tolls...

As the primaries hits what seems to be the final stretch, is the bell beginning to toll for Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee. A little over a year ago a nominee for the Democratic party had seemed to inevitably be Clinton. However, recent primaries has put this in jeopardy. If Senator Clinton doesn't win approximately 54% of the vote in upcoming elections (Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania) her dream of being the first female president goes up in smoke. Sure there is the issue of the super delegates. This process was created during a match up between Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter during the late seventies. The powers that be won and Carter received the nomination and went on to become the President. Carter of course was the party favorite.

Some decades later the Democratic party seems to be headed in the same direction for Senator Barack Obama is winning the popular votes around the nation, but Hillary could win the delegate count if the next few elections go her way. The Super Delegates could decide who gets the nomination if the delegate count is close and they could go for Hillary. I say let the people decide and end this Super Delegate process.

On the Republican side, Huckabee has run out of gas in hopes of receiving more delegates. What is keeping his campaign alive is the sure followers that he has. What is Huckabee's motivation? He can't win in delegate count, but he can change the tide of the Conservative movement.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Longest Man Running and the Dancing Man

Mike Huckabee is in the Presidential Race for the long haul. He is not giving up and why should he? He has a lot to gain from staying in the race. With very little money and a seemingly grass root approach, he has managed to out last all of the potential opponents with the exception of John McCain, the likely GOP nominee. While many hope Huckabee will be able to grab the top spot, it is merely a hope. It is impossible mathematically and yes realistically for him to leap frog ahead of McCain without some divine intervention.

Huckabee's resilience is commendable. I liken his candidacy to that of a high school dance date. Imagine if you will the night leading up to a high school dance with the two eligible dates everyone wants being John McCain and Mitt Romney. While Huckabee realizes and knows that Romney is completely out of his league he still had to make nice to him. Next you have the rough and tough McCain. Unfortunately, he waited out Romney who faltered somehow by the wayside without as much of a major fight. Only to be left with the indifferent McCain whom Huckabee is trying to impress with his fancy footsteps. In the end he might succeed and will after all end up going to the dance with McCain and being made the VP.


Are the Clinton's racist? The Clinton’s have been on the national seen for 16 plus years and in the public eye for over 30 years. And only now the media is labeling them Racists. Perhaps Bill was over excited when he made the factual comments of the races the Rev. Jessie Jackson had won in during is previous runs for the White House, but to infer that the comments were racist is in itself a fairytale and couldn’t be farther from the truth. Let’s flip the script and say a black man made the same then would the media have labeled it? The whole notion of the word “fairytale” What? I say to all African Americans "Wake up and smell the political coffee that is brewing". YOU ARE BEING BAMBOOZLED!

Barack Hussein Obama has been vetted? He claims he has. He alleges that the Clinton’s political machine has vetted him. I ask when? For whenever anything is brought up about him…he cries or his handlers “foul play”. Why can’t Hillary question Barak? Is it because he is a black man and such hard line questioning is too sensitive?

To the Distinguished Senator from Illinois,

We know not where you came. We know nothing of your background, other than you being the product of a biracial couple. Who is your mother and where is she? What are the views of your maternal grandparents, who raised you? What of your siblings? What exactly are you ideas and thoughts? It is now that we should know these things. Not when you (if you)get the nomination. What is your take on the plight of all people in the US mainly African Americans, who the Democratic Party, seems to take for granted year after year after year. All of these are legitimate questions, for we have all of this information on your opponents including the GOP.

Senator Biden was right, you are articulate, good looking, etc., but what of the substance? Who are you really, other than then man whom Oprah has endorsed?

It was the dream of African Americans that one day a man...a black man...a descendant of slaves, whose ancestors were told from the White House that you are created equal, but still you must work in our fields as slave...would walk through the doors of the White House and take his place and lead those who had oppressed him and those before him.

Yes you are of African descent, but do you understand the plight of the black man or even the white man?

Are you the man to lead us for the next four years?