Friday, October 31, 2008

"Cats On A Hot Tin Roof"

This election year will have the dubious honor of going down in history as one of the most expensive and colorful every seen. Not only was a lot of money raised by candidates during dire economic times, but it also brought out the best and worst in daytime and primetime TV.

Everyone on TV had an opinion and a candidate they supported. While reputable news organizations were expected to keep their thoughts and party favorites to themselves, leaving the opinions to pinhead pundits and commentators, this year produced news journalists and TV networks proudly endorsing candidates of choice. But of all the on air endorsements and blatantly acts of biasness none can compete with the never ending antics of the all girls gabfest "The View".

Every morning at 11 a.m. EST the ladies on "The View" kick off their hour long show with hot topic discussions which inevitably turn into heated political debates. You got to hear them discuss politics. It is a riot! You have Whoopi Goldberg extolling her virtues of right and wrong. Joy Behar shaking her head to anything pro-Obama and frowning when ever John McCain is mentioned. Get the woman some pepto bismol. Caught in the headlights Sherri Shepherd only smiles and nods. Barbara _ well when she doesn't seem lost, she makes a weak attempt as coming off as mother-knows-best but looks more like mother goose. And then there's the firecracker that always seems to spark fire, Elizabeth. Don't worry she usually puts the fire out with her tears.

These Five women have managed to turn a simple talk show about nothing into a semi major political show about something.

During the primaries it was any ones guess (but it was obvious) which presidential candidate the five gabbers supported. They lamented on the treatment of Hillary Clinton by an all white male media and took issue with those having a problem with Mitt Romney's religion. They expressed concern over Obama's relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and didn't think McCain's age was such a deal breaker. The ultra conservative Hasselbeck even shook her finger at the media for not being fair in their coverage of Hillary. Two shows had Barack Obama and John McCain appearing as guests. Each candidate, of course, appeared on different mornings. If you missed the show, you missed a love/hate fest (go to YouTube watch it and see who is loved and who's hated). Spreading the love the gals on "The View" co-hosted two shows with Michelle Obama and Cyndi McCain (on separate mornings). Naturally, four of the women gushed over Michelle and one admired Cindy. Whoopi even made the comment that she was proud to see Michelle a real black woman representing. What?

Each morning the show becomes increasingly grittier, nastier and more political. Hasselbeck has shed many tears defending herself and political positions against the melancholy Joy, intellect wannabe Whoopi, ditzy Sherri, and aging Barbara. As Obamamania spreads across the networks no one is safe if you appear on the show and have not drank the ObamaKool-aid.

With election season coming to a close, one wonders if there will be a cliff hanger with the four Obama supporters offing the sole supporter of John McCain. And the gals on "The View" say they have never been closer.

You definitely don't want to miss this show the day of the election or the day after (if not in repeats). I am sure sparks will fly and tears will fall.

"and we are not saved..."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Homies For Life"

A picture is worth a thousand votes or even more. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton connecting like homies is a picture the media swore up and down we would never see.

In fact, the media said in late August that Barack Obama didn't need the Clinton's especially the former President Bill Clinton for any thing. Once again the media got it wrong. This doesn't surprise me. They will get a lot more wrong before it is over (but who's counting _ ME)!

Any how, suffice to say Obama with all his "it" factor and backing of 95% of the media and their zany pundits has not be able to seal the deal in these final days. This is not to say he want, but he will certainly need the help of heavyweights like Bill Clinton and others to get him over the finish line.

Just to think some months ago the media dismissed the Clintons and everyone in their court. Obama they wrote can do it all alone. It's funny how time changes everything. This just goes to show, you can't always rely on those in the media to be fair, truthful or accurate, for they have their own selfish agenda.

In the end, the fact remains everybody needs somebody.

Barry never doubt Billy's got your it seems.

"and we are not saved..."

"Not A Black Face In Sight"

One of the main problems I have with Senator Barack Obama is his lack of sensitivity toward African Americans.

I wasn’t going to watch the Senator’s 30 minute infomercial last night. But while running on the treadmill at the gym, one of the flat screened TV’s happened to have it on. So I watch as I did my cardio. To say the least I was surprised that he and his campaign did have one shot of him talking and putting his arms around one black person to show compassion to the issues they are encountering. There were many still shots of blacks but none in the active sense as there were whites. I know too many of you this is a non-issue, but for me it is an issue of concern.

Sure it can be said that there weren’t yellow people, red people etc shown during the 30 min infomercial, but the point of the matter is approximately 95.5 percent of blacks are giving him their vote. Why aren’t they seen? This same type of omission was shown through out the primaries. Go back and look for yourself. His background is always full of whites. He wants to make them comfortable? The only time he is seen in a group of blacks is at church where he saves his harshest of speeches. Not to mention he goes way over seas to deliver a speech to foreigners who can’t even vote for him. He won’t be there President! Maybe he was looking for donations, which would be illegal (but that’s a different story).

Call me sensitive. Say shut up and vote but what you see is what you get. He has to be President for all, and if he is ashamed to be amongst blacks now out of fear that whites will think he is catering to them, then what happens when he gets to the White House. Will blacks be shuttered to the background? I would expect this treatment from other Democrats, but from Obama?

Blacks flock to this man in droves, yet one would be hard pressed to tell from looking at the background crowds during his campaign speeches or in the infomercial last night. The only time I have seen him in throngs of blacks was in Harlem. Why was he there? To ask the pseudo- first black President Bill Clinton to give him a hand campaigning. Before then he seemed to not have a use for Clinton or wanted to be seen with black faces.

Again this could all be in my imagination, but ones perception is reality. And the perception I see daily on TV is a blackless background. I can only hope this improves, should he make it to the White House.

Come on Obama let us share the dream or at least be a part of the picture.

"and we are not saved..."

Monday, October 27, 2008

"A Diamond In The Rough"

If she doesn’t make it to the White House in 2008, she will be a strong contender in 2012.

Sarah Palin stepped on to the political stage with a great deal of fanfare. She was seen as the hope for the Republican Party. The GOP base opened up its wallets and flooded the campaign with cash. But as the days passed by and the media began to scrutinize her some started to have reservations on her ability and capability. Hence the doubt caused many open wallets to close.

While Palin isn’t the most seasoned politician like her opponent, she has been around the block. She isn’t so green that she couldn’t take down her own political party and win the governorship of Alaska. She isn’t so unlearned that she couldn’t balance a budget for her state and get its economy moving.

While she isn’t your typical male politician who bellows his way through an election making empty promises, and beating up on his opponent make no doubt she is a person to be reckoned with.

So no matter how the election ends or how the media attacks, the mere fact that she stepped onto the political stage will make this diamond in the rough a political force to deal with, in years to come.

During the next four years, the world will learn how her tenacity and courage allowed her to go on despite the criticism of an unfair, biased media. Maybe by then women rights groups will wake up and realize you don't have to believe the same thing to support a fellow female.

"and we are not saved..."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"The Test"

What was Joe Biden thinking? Or why wasn't he thinking? I guess Joe want's to be president.


"and we are not saved..."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"To Everything There Is A Season"

At this juncture and all things considered, Barack Obama should win the Presidential Election and become the first of many things. After all, it is his to loose or is it win?

Running ahead of his Republican rival John McCain in the polls, Obama seems to be headed in the right direction to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Just Sunday he received a huge endorsement from former Secretary of State General Colin Powell. This perhaps brought even more legitimacy to his candidacy; more big-wigs think Obama can get the job done. Powell, who had been rumored of sitting on the fence waiting to endorse the junior Senator from Chicago, said on Sunday’s “Meet The Press” that he had become weary of the McCain’s camp nasty tactics trying to tie Obama to the 60’s radical William Ayers, among other things, and felt Obama could be the agent of change.

Interesting, Powell didn’t seem to be weary over Congress John Lewis comparing McCain to segregationist of the 60’s…uhmm??? But that’s a different story for a different time. (Truth be told, I too have grown weary of the entire William Ayers story. There just isn’t any thing there). Now with this endorsement a huge gap should be seen in the polls and this thing just about wrapped up in 20 less days.
But what if Obama doesn’t win? What if he is unable to seal the deal? Does this make us a worse nation? I ask the question for so many in the media, political pundits and historians feel that if Obama doesn’t seal the deal it is because of hidden fears of elevating a black man to such a high office. To me the very mention of this by the media and others is racism.

Why is it that in 2008 people must vote for the candidate the media says is best? Moreover why is it, Black people are expected automatically to vote for Obama and, if you are White and you don’t vote for him, you are labeled a racist. What if you are Black and feel that McCain a person of experience is a better choice? Or you are White and you just don’t know enough about the young upstart, granted the media has given us all they have to share on the man, but you just aren’t convinced he is the man to take office?

Isn’t this America? Aren’t we allowed to decide on our own who we want in office? If Obama doesn’t become President that doesn’t mean we are bad people with deep seeded racism running through our veins. It simple means there is a season for everything. And this isn’t the season for Obama.

"and we are not saved..."

Monday, October 20, 2008

"$150 Million Dollar Man..."

Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know, but with the economy in the dumps and banks afraid to lend money to each other, how in the hell is Barack Obama and Joe Biden able to raise $150 million dollars in a single month?

I don’t get it. Where is the money coming from? Forget about borrowing money from banks just go to Bank of Obama/Biden. Who has turned on the money spigot?
Let’s be real there isn’t that much free money circulating around to be given to a political party. Perhaps I wouldn’t be so skeptical had Obama not agreed to then changed his mind about receiving public financing. I guess when he realized he could solicit more money on the internet, with donors not having to reveal themselves it made more sense to not receive the same allocated amount as your opponent from public financing.

Since entering the presidential race, the Obama camp has been bragging about the money raised. Where is the money coming from? I have tackled this subject before. Not only that, his camp claims to keep registering significant amounts of folks to vote. At that rate his campaign should have registered every human being in America and then some (thanks to ACORN). I suppose these registered voters are also making major donations, but this isn’t plausible. Think about it, if the rich make up the upper 10 percent in our society and the middleclass (according to the Democrats and Republicans) has been decimated who has the money to give? Not college students, for they are always tight for money. Maybe these donors are getting their money from selling blood. But even that wouldn’t make a dent in the $150 million raised so far.

For the life of me, I can’t figure this out!

Maybe the media in all its infamous wisdom and deep pockets can devote some money and other resources to investigate this anomaly now and not later.

"and we are not saved..."

The General's Choice

Former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell's choice for President:


"and we are not saved..."

"Don't Show Me The Back Of The Bus!"

Donna Brazile: in her own words.


"and we are not saved..."

Friday, October 17, 2008

"Thum' Fightin' Words!"

I pray that the best man becomes president, but oh my gosh, if Barack Obama doesn’t win?
Thum’ figthin’ words!

How can he not win? ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC, The New York Times and others in the media, along with their commentators, have done everything possible short of putting Obama in the White House. It isn’t conceivable that Barack Obama won’t win! He must win! He is the only person who can save our country from itself and a downward slope.

John McCain is too old. His cancer could come back. He could die in office! McCain can not and will not win this race…the Media has spoken or pontificated.

But what if, people _ voters decide Obama isn’t the man they want? What if people start to feel that the media has pushed a candidate on them that they the people don’t want? (They could have gotten to know Obama and made an informed decision). What if all the work the media has done promoting Obama and slamming McCain backfires? What if the candidate of choice doesn’t get the vote and doesn’t win the race? Yikes! Hush! Don’t think it or say it! What if the forsaken Bradley Effect came into play? What if White people enter the voting both and can’t bring themselves to turning the lever toward Obama? Or worse, what if Black people decide they can’t vote for Obama?

Too much to ponder, think about or even imagine.
Geez! If Obama doesn’t win this election, there will be hell to pay by the media. I can see it now conspiracy theories galore! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

"and we are not saved..."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Danger Will Robinson Danger!"

William Ayers.
Who is the mystery man?
Is there cause to be afraid?
Is he dangerous?
Can he change his past?
Is he repentant of his past indiscretions?
Is there a connection between Barack Obama and William Ayers?
Why are we talking about William Ayers?
Will he save our economy?
Will he be the next president?
What’s it all about?

Perhaps tonight during the debate Obama can put it all out on the table _ not that he hasn’t tried. But let’s face it, the more the media tries to sweep it under the rug the more the subject comes up. Advice to the media let the American people decide what they want.

This brings me to another point. Is Obama a Muslim? So what if he is. This country allows freedom of religion. But if he is a Muslim then what? And John McCain, is he really so old that he shouldn’t dream? Is he so old that he should just sit at home and dry up? What are we saying to the elderly of this country? Again, the media, has its ugly pen in the mix. Media butt out!
If the media spent more time just reporting the news and not trying to editorialize, maybe this country would be on the right track.

"and we are not saved..."

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Things That Make You Go hmmm?"

John McCain attacks Barack Obama over his association with William Ayers and the media says foul play.
Barack Obama attacks John McCain about his association with John Keating and the media says right on the money.
Sarah Palin tries to explain her views on Russia and the media asks what is she talking about?
Joe Biden confuses President Hoover and the Great Depression with Franklin Roosevelt and the media says he had a long day.
In 2004, the media thought it savvy for John Kerry to entertain the idea of putting John McCain on his ticket. In 2008, John McCain is viewed as a dolt.
Before the Republican Convention, the media had all but given the election to Barack Obama. After the Republican Convention, the media thought it unfair for McCain to select Sarah Palin as his running mate.
In 2004, all said Obama would possibly make a good president someday once he got experience. In 2008, after being in Congress for barely four years he morphs into an individual with more experience than John McCain or Joe Biden.
Joe Biden said early this year, Obama didn’t have the experience to be president and learning on the job wasn’t an option. Sarah Palin who doesn’t have the experience as Joe Biden would be second in command in a Republican administration. Like most VP’s she would understand her role and thus being groomed to take over in a moments notice. Obama will be front and center and the media says that’s ok. Think George Bush.
Barack Obama starting running for the presidency upon entering Congress, and the media looked the other way. Hillary Clinton, according to the media, had been running for he office since her days as First Lady, and the media has never left her live it down.
Obama and Biden make a mistake and the media (not the Democrats) immediately corrects it. McCain and Palin make a mistake and the media rips them too shreds.
The media loves reminding us that John McCain is old and could die in office. He has had skin cancer and other health issues. Barack Obama would be the first black president. If this country has thought us anything, it is we live in a racist society. This is an undisputable fact. Hence, being perched at the top could make him a target. It is a harsh thought but a concern we must face. Yet the media will label any who broaches this fact (especially non-blacks) a racist.
Where does it stop? Where does it end? What do we believe and not believe? What is the media saying? Is there a double standard? Better yet is there a standard?


"and we are not saved..."