Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Senate Seat Sold?"

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…
Sir Walter Scott

President-elect Barack Obama new it wasn’t going to be a cake walk, but I am sure he could have never predicted this. The fight engulfing his senate seat and the alleged misdoings of Gov. Blagojevich is turning into a regular night at the movies.
With each day brining new developments and intrigue, one has to wonder who’s on first.

The latest, the governor has chosen an African American, former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris, to replace the Obama. Smart move Mr. Governor, for if this years election taught us anything it is a good time to be African American. If they media come down hard on this pick they will be perceived as being racist. Lisa Madigan the current attorney general of Illinois who possibly had designs for the seat might want to give it up now, but all is not lost. We will have to stay tuned and see what happens next.

Speaking of Burris, he has an impeccable resume: born in a small community in Illinois. He attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale where he received a Bachelor of Arts in political science. He attended the University of Hamburg in Germany, where he studied International Law. He graduated from Howard University with a Juris Doctor in 1963.

"and we are not saved..."

Monday, December 29, 2008

"Stupid Elephant"

Chip Saltsman: yet another reason why the Republican Party can’t get it together.

No if, and’s or but’s the man should be tossed out of the party for not only being insensitive but just down right STUPID! This is 2008 a little shy of 2009. If Saltsman thought “Barack the Magic Negro” would be a joke, he is dancing to the beat of a different drummer on another planet which hasn’t been found in mankind’s solar system.

It is people like him or men like him that keeps the country from moving forward. When such blatant statements or made the “sayer” should be immediately reprimanded and subjected to public humiliation.

Placing Saltsman at the top of the Republican National Committee would only be an indication that the Party isn’t serious about moving forward and being inclusive. Instead, the party would be sending out a message appealing to the old heads who embrace old ideology centered around race.
Now is the time for change. Now is the time for the Party of Abraham Lincoln to step over what divides and into what makes us one.

"and we are not saved..."

Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Take That"

The video says it all. I guess President George Bush isn't liked overseas. Good thing he is from Texas and knows how to duck.

"and we are not saved..."

Friday, December 12, 2008

"Witch Hunt"

Attention Sean Hannity the Republicans lost the election fair and square so move on!

I have nothing but respect for Sean Hannity one of the co-host of the self-named show Hannity and Colmes, but lately his witch hunt into wrong doings by President-elect Barak Obama is causing me to question this respect and his political aptitude.

Hannity has been trying to connect Obama with the recently “pay to play” scandal by the recently indicted Gov. Rod Blogojevich of Illinios. The governor is being charged with allegedly trying to sell Obama’s senate seat to the highest bidder. While Patrick Fitzgerald, the United States Attorney General for the Northern District of Illinois, has said the President-elect was not involved in any wrong doing, Hannity and henchmen are determined to link this to him.

Chicago is known for its corrupt political figures and Obama might have known a few, William Ayers, Antonio Rezko. But as the primaries have shown us guilt by association does not exist. Who among us have not had contact on a social level with a person who has been found guilty of a crime? This association, as casual as it may be, doesn’t render a person guilty of a crime. While Obama might have endorsed Blogojevich’s run a few years back for governor, he didn’t allow him to play a role in his campaign for the Presidency. Perhaps Obama and camp recognized that Blogojevich was not on the up and up and sought to put distance between the two groups.

Now to try and conduct a witch hunt after, Fitzgerald has said Obama was not involved is much to do about nothing and a desperate attempt to stain his Presidency. That isn’t to say someone in Obama’s large camp (a low level staffer) didn’t do something wrong, but so far that is yet to be proven and is unlikely.

Perhaps Hannity should concentrate on Dick Cheney’s relationship with the Halliburton and the Saud family in Saudi Arabia. Or how this administration allowed the economy to get so bad.

"and we are not saved..."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Smooth Operator

How do you spell Political Stupidity: ROD BLAGOJEVICH also known as Milorad R. Blagojevich the mayor of Illinois.

When will they ever learn. You can’t put your hands in the cookie jar and not expect to be caught. Come on any child can tell you that. What about this basic concept didn’t Rod Blagojevich didn’t understand? Now he could do time in the pokey.

What’s it all about? Well, as early as this morning reports coming out of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Illinois is that Gov. Rod and his chief of staff, John Harris, are being charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and solicitation of bribery. This comes on the hills of the Governor showing support yesterday for workers from Republic Windows & Doors Company. He was housed up with the company workers who were demanding the company give them severance pay after the company suddenly closed its doors.

Are politicians without brains? What was so tempting to cause him to be so careless with his political career? Maybe it was one of the following allegations he is possibly being charged with:

• a substantial salary for himself at either a non-profit foundation or an
organization affiliated with labor unions;
• a spot for his wife on paid corporate boards, where he speculated she might
garner as much as $150,000 a year;
• promises of campaign funds -- including cash up front;
• a Cabinet post or ambassadorship for himself.

According to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, Blagojevich apparently put a “ ‘for sale sign’ on naming the of a United States Senator”, who would fill the seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama. Fitzgerald also said in a statement that the the Governor, “involved himself personally in pay-to-play schemes with the urgency of a salesman meeting his annual sales target…”
Yes what the Governor has allegedely done is awful, but at the same time quiet funny. Again, it was only yesterday he made the news demanding pay for workers, while all along knowing he was running a shake-down and sale of federal jobs for his own benefit.

Greed never ends and neither does stupidity.

"and we are not saved..."

"The Forbidden Kiss"

It was the kiss and embrace they never thought would happen_ but it did.

It took place on a cold December night in Washington, DC at an event that recognizes and honors individuals who helped define American culture through the performing arts, as part of the living memorial to President John F. Kennedy. On that enchanting night, which will live in infamy, the unexpected old fashion Texas butt kicking or Brooklyn Brawl between President George Bush and Barbara Streisand, one of his loudest and most talented critics, didn’t in fact happened. Instead, the expected politically correct smooch on the cheeks and quasi hug took its place.

The exchange between Babs and Dubay was better than the legendary 1993 Oslo Agreement handshake between the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Nassar Arfat and Israeli Prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, on the lawn of the White House during the Clinton Administration. All watching this event could feel the tension.

While the exchange between Babs and Dubay was surprisingly unexpected, it was warm and cordial unlike the cold winter’s night.

Before the event and her receiving the honor Babs had said, "Art transcends politics this weekend," and that it would have been "lovely" if the award had come while President-elect Barack Obama was in office.

How is that for gratitude? So typical of a loud mouth to speak out when the subject matter isn’t in sight. For what it’s worth Babs should have forgone the political correctness and gave the President the old cold shoulder, when he reached for the smooch or told him a piece of her mind.

I guess the honor being received was more important than her political stance.

"and we are not saved..."

"Coming Out Of The Closet To Call In Gay"

“Hello. I’m just calling to say I’m gay and won’t be in the office today. I will be in tomorrow.”

This is the line Organizers of "Day Without a Gay" want many gays and lesbians to call and give as an excuse for not working Wednesday, Dec. 10. This is to coincide with International Human Rights Day and is an attempt to protest California voters’ passage last month of the controversial Proposition 8, which banned same sex marriages.

While many will say this act of non-violence is a brilliant idea and will demonstrate how daily lives are affected by gays _ I’m not so sure this is the right move.

In this economy, people need their jobs not reasons to be fired. I don’t think anyone gay or straight wants to draw undue attention to not being at work. What if the person calling in isn’t missed and it is decided their job function isn’t needed. Another thing to think about is sexual preference isn’t a reason to not show up at work. Gays want to be treated like everyone else. Singling once self out and saying you can’t report to work because you are gay is ridiculous and only creating problems.

Sorry but the weak excuse like the one proposed by “Day Without A Gay” is a recipe for disaster. What if the company’s said fine we are going to create “Day Without Pay” in response. Aha! Lawsuits would fly from here to eternity!
Unless, the organizers are prepared to offer jobs to the millions they hope will wake up on Wednesday and be fired on Thursday, I would suggest another means of protest.

Not spending money would do well and really get the attention. Stage a month of non-shopping for designer clothes and dining in expensive restaurants. Calling in Gay is self-defeating.

But for those of you who must do it, be prepared to hit the classified section of your local newspaper.

"and we are not saved..."

"Who Is John Thain?"

Who is John Thain: an egregious, avaricious, self absorbed, effete idiot with an insatiable desire for money.

Not soon after Bank of America turned down a line of credit for Republic Windows & Doors Company in Chicago forcing it to suddenly shut it doors causing hundreds to loose their jobs, Mr. John Thain decided to ask for his $10 million bonus from the bank.

What? You read it right.

Bank of America, which gave Merrill Lynch a lifeline a few months ago so that it wouldn’t collapse, was served notice by the former head of Merrill Lynch and former head of the NYSE that he was ready to receive his $10 million bonus. It doesn’t get any better than this. You have got to give this guy credit for having the balls to ask for money during a time when financial institutions everywhere are on the brink of collapsing and the government has to lend them money and buy their debt to keep them afloat (think Citigroup).

Just this fall, after Bank of America purchased Merrill, the bank participated in a billion dollar government welfare line of credit in order to keep its credit open. And now, to deny one of its creditors a line of credit is absurd.

Where exactly did Thain think the bank would get his bonus money from? Maybe he was expecting the money the bank received from the government. More than likely this same thought has crossed the minds of many financial institutions. Pay bonuses with the welfare money from the government and screw the rest!

Never mind the people whose salaries could be paid from the $10 million Thain was looking to pocket. Never mind the severance packages that could be made a little sweeter for low end workers. All that matters is the big guy being taken care of and for what? Now we see how we got in this mess. Corporate greed!

Had the story of Thain and his bonus not been leaked to the press, he probably would have gotten away with it and no one would have known. What was he thinking? He is already worth millions and could probably lend money to the banks.

"and we are not saved..."

Monday, December 8, 2008

"Bring America Back!"

Question: Why is America suffering from job anemia?
Answer: We don’t make or produce anything any more. What we do make for the most part stinks (automobiles)!

Where are the factories that made furniture, clothes, hardware, televisions, aluminum and other items? What’s happening to our automobile industry (they use to be one of the finest)? What are we doing to this once great country of the Western Hemisphere? Do we want to fall flat on our faces? Jobs should be brought back to this country and quality restored!

There was a time people in other countries would give their first born just to have the label “Made In America” on an item. Non-residents would come from miles just to get t-shirts or souvenirs with the moniker. Everybody wanted a piece of America. Now days you would be hard pressed to find a label with “Made In the USA” on the most simplest of items. Everything now has made in China, Bangladesh, Malaysia or India, all countries with cheap labor.

We are no longer ourselves. In fact, we are more of a global economy than we realize. Everything is practically made or done overseas. Even customer service of American companies is handled overseas.

Who is to blame labor unions, corporate greed or our Government?

While labor unions had there place, perhaps their existence has gone the way of the dinosaur. What is their purpose other than to pocket money for themselves? Formed during the eighteen hundreds and becoming stronger each decade and in the past centuries, they had an important role, but this was before the Department of Labor was created. The Department of Labor should now have the complete fiduciary responsibility of over seeing the rights of workers. The amount of money unions drain from job producers is unreal.

As for corporate greed, just to make a few more dollars they are willingly to take away the backbone (jobs) of this country and export them to third world countries for cheap labor (outsourcing)? Why would an American company that has benefited from the largess of this country, which allowed them to get started and grow, take away bread from its own table?

American corporations should rethink there American dreams and bring back the bread and butter. Our Government should work to ensure these companies can survive by providing appropriate tax breaks (but only for those companies who are playing fair). The ruthless money making unions should be stopped and the Department of Labor should step up and do its job. There isn’t a need to have a watchdog (labor unions) group throwing its weight monitoring labor laws while getting rich and the workers get poorer.

There needs to be a give and take. If we expect to bounce back out of the maelstrom we are end something has got to give and jobs must come back home. Yes, creating new and better infrastructure is a start. But why have the bridges and roads when you don’t have jobs to drive to?

Something has got to give, and jobs have got to have a passport back home!


"and we are not saved..."

Monday, December 1, 2008

"The Boss"

Make no mistake come January 20th, Barack Obama will be the President. He will be setting the tone and agenda of the Obama Administration.

Any civil minded person and journalist worth his/her ink pen knows President-elect Obama will call the shots. There is nothing Senator Hillary Clinton, the soon to be Secretary Of State, can do about it but fall in line like the other cabinet members _ if she wants to continue her political career.

The concerns of Mrs. Clinton usurping her own agenda as Secretary Of State is bologna! How can she and why would she? For the media to even suggest such is proof of how little they know Obama or Clinton.

Why after nearly ten months, is the media deciding to question Obama's judgment? What changed? Does the media really think Hillary is a bad pick? Come on, Obama knows exactly what he has done in choosing the best woman for the job.

He himself said at a press conference she is an, "American of tremendous stature who will have my complete confidence." This speaks volumes of his certainity in her ability to do the job. He continued and said, "I have no doubt that Hillary Clinton is the right person to lead our State Department and to work with me in tackling this ambitious foreign policy agenda."

That said it all.

Now it is up to Mrs. Clinton to live up to the charge she will be given. It is Mrs. Clinton, the future Secretary of State, who will have to abandon her own foreign policy agenda and stay the course of President Obama's vision.

She will be challenged not only abroad but at home. There will be many pitfalls set for her to fall in by foes and perhaps friends. She and the President will have to forge a strong bond of communication and while they might not always see eye to eye _ at the end of the day he is the Boss. If Mrs. Clinton didn't see or understand this, she should step aside. But I am certain she has weighed it all and is ready for the task.

The question now becomes will Joe Biden the Vice President (and perhaps President in waiting) get in the way of this new forming relationship between two former rivals.

"and we are not saved..."