Friday, March 27, 2009

"Failure Isn't An Option For Americans"

I did not vote for President Barack Obama. I am not a Democrat. That being said, I do not hope, wish, pray or cross my fingers and say “I want “MY” President to fail.”

Failure isn’t an option.

To utter such words to me is akin to “Treason.”

Yes you can mince the words and play with the meaning of wanting him to fail, but at the end of the day to say it out loud or in private is the most un-American thing I have ever heard. Sure you have the right to say what you want, and I will, painfully and unequivocally defend that right. However, at the same time I want you to know that wishing such thoughts on our President on our nation is disowning your heritage as a citizens of America. You are in essence saying you want this great country to collapse!

If this is your visceral wish, then why not leave the country and set-up shop somewhere else? But you want. Why? Because you know you can say and wish these evil un-American thoughts that are protected under the constitution of a nation whose leader you want to fail.

The United States isn't perfect and some of our leaders flawed, but appreciate the ones who are trying to get things back on track. As for the other leaders, take them to task if you will _ for the mistakes they have made. But do not utter words that I would expect our enemies who are treacherous and evil to say. To do otherwise likens you/us to them.

As the saying goes “history will judge”. How will history judge us, once this financial crisis ends? Will it be kind or will it say when we had a chance to be

"and we are not saved..."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Where Is Eliot Spitzer When You Need Him?

I am going to say it unabashedly, we need the former New York Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer on the job to tackle Madoff, AIG and Citi!

Where is the self-styled steamroller attorney when you need him? I don’t care about his past. He had a role in the hay with a prositute using his own money, let his wife deal with it. I am more concerned with his ability to take on Wall Street and get them to pay for their crimes. If he were the top guy, I am sure many heads would be rolling right about now.

I wonder if he was aware of Madoff’s decades of theivery when he was the Attorney General for New York? The former Attoreny General does have a history of tangeling with AIG chiefs and and Citi. In fact, it is because of him the former chief of AIG , Maurice “Hank” Greenberg was forced to step down and Sanford “Sandy” Weill stepped down as head of Citi.

Man! Someone please put Spitzer on the job. If we can’t get him, put former mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Guiliani on the case. He too was good at socking it to’em!

"and we are not saved..."

"US Taxpayers Screwed By AIG"

AIG wants more money from the Government and at the same time they are handing out $165 million in bonuses!

First off this whole notion of the company being contractually obligated to pay the money is a bunch of malarkey! While there may be a contract, but if the money isn't there they can't pay out. Plus, why can't the bonuses be deferred?

This concept, if AIG doesn't payout the money the top talent would leave _ let'em leave. They are the reason the company is in this mess. Furthermore, who wants to hire a group of executives who ran the billion dollar company into the ground? It is interesting this news is coming out on the hills of AIG asking for more tax payer money to stay afloat. The timing is unbelievable.

Will the dollars they are asking for be used to pay the over inflated bonuses of greedy incompetent executives? Has anyone made the connection that all of these bailouts are inter-related? First the banks and now the insurance company's who insured them need money. This seems like a conspiracy on the part of these companies to defraud the American people and in the end they are profiting. As for the automakers, screw'em let them go bankrupt. What kind of reasoning is this?
Should AIG be successful in raiding the Government of additional money and three months later say they are making a profit letters should be written to Congress demanding there be hearings on the Hill.

Who will screw us next?

"and we are not saved..."

Friday, March 13, 2009

"Do We Need The SEC?"

The SEC (Security Exchange Commission)was created in 1934 to restore the public’s confidence in the stock market after the Great Depression in 1929.

The mission statement of the SEC: to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation.

Since its formation nearly 74 years ago, a few things have been consistent. Among them the SEC has steadily grown in bueaurcracy and has done little to nothing in keeping the markets clean and stable. Every decade since the SEC’s birth there has been scandal after scandal after scandal. Each scandal has gotten larger and more sophisticated than the last. To name a few of the recent scandals: WorldCom, Enron, Andersen, Aldephia, Xerox, Tyco, Global Crossing, Drexel Burnham (Ivan Boesky), Kidder Peabody and now Bernie Madoff. The list is still growing as this piece is being written and read.

One of the biggest problems with the SEC is its management. The guys running the show are former Wall Streeters, who know the tricks of the trade. They leave Wall Street to work in government _ helping to create laws to regulate the Streets. Next these guys re-enter the public sector to make money; all the while being fully equipped with the know how on how far to push the buttons without getting caught by the laws they helped create. (A new meaning of the fox guarding the hen house).
Not to mention while working in government, they give each other passes on really monitoring their friends companies on Wall Street, unless of course the friend becomes an enemy.

So with all this going on why do we have the SEC?

"and we are not saved..."

Monday, March 9, 2009

"Behold I Stand At The Door And Knock"

It’s suppose to be the most sacred place on earth. I place of refuge for the weary to go and lay down their burdens. A place where brethren can dwell together in unity.

However, lately, this place of solace _ the Church _ has become anything but a place of refuge. Instead, many congregants fear going inside
Just Sunday in Illinois a pastor was gunned down during Sunday morning services. No one knows why he was shot, as if there had to be a reason. But of all places one would be shot _ church is the last place to come to mind.
Gun shootings in churches is becoming all too common. . Lawmakers are now considering bills that will allow congregants permission to bear arms inside Churches.

A Republican congressman from Arkansas, Beverly Pyle, sponsored a bill, earlier this year, that would allow concealed weapons such as guns in churches. "It is time we changed our concealed-handgun law to allow law-abiding citizens of the state of Arkansas the right to defend themselves and others should a situation happen in one of our churches," she said.

While the bill had a great deal of stem, pass in that states House of Representatives on a 57-42 vote it was defeated in the Senate.
Currently, 48 states allow conceal weapons permits and 20 states have laws allowing churches to decide whether to permit concealed guns.

Where in the world is God?

“and we are not saved…”