Saturday, August 15, 2009

White Woman Tasered: Why Isn't The Media Covering This Non-Stop?

Had this been a Black woman being tased the media would be all over this. We wouldn't have a moments rest from the reporting. Every angel from the kids being interviewed to the husband, mother, father, family minister, neighbor, friends, pets and yes the attorney would be making the talk show circuits. But now that the subject matter is White _ barely a word is said.

What is going on? A double standard? And then we wonder why White people don't understand all of the hoopla over Blacks and the police. The media has created a monster. They desensitized what they don't feel will get them ratings.

It shouldn't matter if the person is Black or White...Red or Blue we have a right to know what happen. It shouldn't matter if the woman was in the wrong or not, she was tasered in front of her children. Where is the outrage!

Read the story:

"and we are not saved..."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"The Doctor Is In"

What Do We Want Healthcare! When Do We Want It Now!

Currently our healthcare system is in a crisis. Millions of Americans are without health insurance. Who pays _ the taxpayers? So while we are getting misinformation from all these special interest groups (suffice to say the media isn’t doing a good job explaining the matter as they would usually would) I would suggest that all take a deep breath and look at what happens if we do nothing. For the record the idea that grandma and grandpa (or any other gravely ill person will be left to die is a big FAT LIE created to stir controversy). Have YOU no faith in YOUR Government? While it isn’t the best Government (though this is debatable) it is far from the worse. What other choice do we have? Not act now?

Our nation has always risen to the call of its people. We might do it speedily, completely or perfectly but we do it. History proves this to us time after time after time. Look at FDR and his New Deal plan. He could have sat back and did nothing. Sure there were many who weren’t in favor of his social programs but he had to start with something. While many will say the programs (Social Security, Social Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid and the like) have been a burden on taxpayers, look at the burden the tax payers would have if such programs didn’t exist. Can you imagine the many elderly homeless on the streets not to mention young families? Before Social Security, people depended on their children to take care of them when they got old. There wasn’t a safety net. Social Security might not be the safest net today but it is a net. And a net that could have fallen with Wall Street had our Government handed the Social Security Trust fund to them to invest (remember those argument years ago?)

I am always amazed at how people love to curse the Government until they need a helping hand and then they come running for it. Folks you can’t have it both ways. Let’s be for real. Lower the rhetoric and calm your nerves and really understand the policy being presented. Going off on the deep end when you only have a blueprint will send you to the emergency room a lot quicker then the Government can pass healthcare reform.

“and we are not saved…”

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…Funny How The Times Change

Pictures you did not and would not have seen during this past Presidential Election or shortly after the election.

Clarification: pictures you would not have seen of Barack Obama the current President.

It was ok to have such pictures of John McCain or former President George Bush. In fact, cartoons and pictures depicting Bush and McCain as villains, jokers and bozos were none stop (view the pictures above _ if they come through). We couldn’t get enough of them. But the moment a funny picture or cartoon came out about Obama, albeit funny, the alarms went off and you were immediately labeled a racist! Remember the New York Post stimulus cartoon ( and the outcry it caused?

Check out this picture of a white man carrying a picture of the President looking like “The Joker”. OMG! A few months earlier, and his actions would have been a death sentence. Poor man would have probably been forced to leave the United States and move to Timbuktu.

Alas! What’s it all about?!

What is the difference between now and then? Sure some will say it wasn’t right then and it’s not right now, but there seems to be a degree of tolerance over such pictures and cartoons depicting the President. There also appears to be a softening of it being ok to criticize the President without being scorned or pounced upon by the media. Is that it? Have we really softened, or could it be those in power now realize they can’t go around censoring every little picture or cartoon printed about President Obama? But is that the real reason? Maybe _ perhaps now we are ok with whites being able to disagree and criticize a black man without it being considered racism (a freedom blacks and others have always enjoyed). After all, everything isn’t about race. Or is it?

“and we are not saved…”