Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Sarah Palin for President _ What You Talking About Willis?"

What? President Sarah Palin of Alaska? You gotta be kidding?

Nope that’s what it looks like and that’s the story the media is peddling. Correction the liberal media is peddling. The same media who during the Summer said she was washed up after stepping down as Governor of Alaska in July. The same media who where perplexed when John McCain put her on the ticket but soon got over it with crazy stories of her being uninformed and not having any experience (though she served in the executive branch of government). And finally the same media that got a lot of its information on Sarah from Levi Johnston a high school drop out, wanna be celebrity, who got her daughter pregnant and ditch the preggers for a life of a two bit pun. What? Yep it seems Sarah Palin has become a celebrity for the media.

Word on the street now or in the news is Sarah Palin is the “stuff.” If anyone can save the Republican Party she can. I am busting a gut! All the flack this woman got over her lack of credentials. Her family life was constantly dragged through the mud. She was attacked from every angle (how she talked, walked, dressed and so on). Now she has the “stuff”. What the hell happened between July and all of last year to make her the anointed one?

Don’t you believe! This is another bad joke and news coverage by some in the media. The former Governor would do wise to stay clear of political office for awhile. Otherwise she is stepping into dodo which smells up to the sky. I would advise her to use her political savvy and stay clear of this trap!

“and we are not saved…”

Was He Set up? Prove He Is Innocent...

If you see something, say something. If you say something do something.

According to published reports, Afghanistan immigrant Najibullah Zazi, who worked as an airport shuttle driver and had previously owned a coffee cart in New York, was recently charged with conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction against Americans on U.S. soil. Zazi who lived in Denver was plotting to unleash a series of explosions in New York City on the eighth anniversary of the Sept. 11. Fortunate for the US he was apprehended and must now face justice.

Zazi’s lawyers are arguing that the US has the wrong man. The lawyers cite the US investigators have not been able to trace any explosive chemicals to Zazi. Investigators do have records and tapes showing the 24 –year-old buying large quantities of chemicals form a beauty supply store in Denver, Colorado. Zazi’s reason for making the purchases, he has a lot of girlfriends.

Over the next couple of day and weeks, the news will probably be inundated with character witnesses from local Mosque and neighbors explaining the innocence of Zazi, and that he is being made a victim. Imams and relatives will parade in the streets to say how hard working this devoted married man is to his wife and faith. All good, but prove to me and others that he is innocent and explain to me why he was in a Denver beauty supply store buying chemicals that could possibly be turned into weapons.

From a previous posting I will ask the same question, why won’t law biding Muslims speak out against these radicals?

“and we are not saved…”


Why won’t more Muslims of the Islam faith speak out against the radical fanatics in their religion?

Why won’t more middle easterners from the area, who are peace living individuals, denounce the nuts from the area who are bent on violence? Yes there are a few who speak out (amongst themselves) but not will do so publicly. As a result it is hard for many Americans to not group Muslims together and say they are all bad _ not that this is fair or makes sense. (Is this racist?)

There are many good Muslims who are, as I said, peace living, but one would be hard pressed to hear from them. Where are they? Why the silence?

Just something to think about.


“and we are not saved..."


Bernie Goldberg is a hero for calling FOX News out of the closet on the Bill O’Reilly show Tuesday night. He told it like it “IS”.

Goldberg told O'Reilly that FOX news has the propensity of being biased in its coverage and brings on criticism of itself. Making reference to the Glen Beck Show, Goldberg said, Beck's show and others are commentary shows disguising themselves as news and their hosts as journalists _ when they are not.


This should happen more often. The media needs to be taken to task. FOX isn't lone in this crime. There are many on the liberal side of the media needing to be chided also. This isn't the first time Goldberg has spanked FOX. He once called Sean Hannity out (

During he Primaries in 2008, I personally felt that FOX was the only cable news station being objective in its coverage of the Presidential Race. However, this changed once Senator Barack Obama received the Democratic nomination and later became the President.

News is about being fair, accurate and balance.The media can’t be fair and balanced when it has a stake hold in what is being reported. The media can’t be fair, balanced or even objective when those reporting the news are more of a celebrity or gets more press then the subject matter.

Has the media become yellow journalism?

Now a days the media seems to be no better than the supermarket tabloids; and that is why major newspapers and other news outlets are experiencing readership and viewer turn offs.

Straighten up your reporting, and they will come back.

Read more on the story:

“and we are not saved…”

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who You Calling Stupid _ Stupid?

Do we want change or do we want the next great thing?

Sure, we lament typical politicians they are all the same. They say one thing and do another. Politicians are all beholden to special interest groups. They all lie and cheat. Politicians are only concerned about themselves. We can’t trust them. Yet we vote for them time after time after time. Why? Because we say no one is perfect. Well what does that say for the voter who constantly votes for them? Or the person who doesn’t vote at all but still complains?

What do we think the Politician is saying about these voters and non-voters: Typical voter they all do the same thing. They ask for one thing but never do anything. They want the world but don’t want to give in return. It’s all about them the voter. Yet they want to blame me the Politician. What for? They created me.

Such hypocrites we are.

“and we are not saved…”

Monday, September 21, 2009

What Is Racism?

I am an American.

Some would say an African American or Black American. While running through my veins is the blood of Europeans and Indians I am still an American. I am a Southern American; born and raised in the South now living on the East Coast. So make no doubt, when I see racism I know exactly what it is plain and simple RACISM.

It is hard for many of my Caucasian brethren to understand what racism is. Ha! It is sometimes hard for my fellow African American brethren to understand it. But to be clear racism isn’t always what you say. It can be an action as simply as wearing a white sheet to intimidate or being disrespectful because of a perception that a person of color isn’t entitled to respect. Calling me the N-word isn’t necessarily racism, but disrespecting me because of the hue of my skin or the perception you have of Americans of color is RACISM.

Racism comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, profession, institutions and actions. While some choose to use the term fleetingly, and ascribe every action against people of color (and sometimes white) racism _ it is not. Unfortunate, for me however, having grown up in the South I guess I have a pretty clear understanding of what it is and what it is not. RACISM.Do you know what it is?

"and we are not saved..."