Monday, October 19, 2009

Is He Tough Enough?

Is President Obama tough enough? What?

You read it right. This is the latest question being peddled around by the all knowing media (of which I am apart of). The media has gone from telling us the President is cool and smart to asking is he tough. This I might add is causing doubt in the minds of some Americans and the global community. Interesting how some of us change our minds quicker than we change our unmentionables.

A clear observation would dictate we look at previous Presidents.

Jimmy Carter was country. Ronald Reagan was thought to be tough, mean and a finger tip away from a nuclear war. The first George Bush was viewed as Mr. Softy yet stern. President Clinton was slick Willy, a ladies man with a hot temper and the last George Bush tough as nails with his “Dead or Alive” mantra. Now we have Cool Barry. Mr Ultra Laid back who takes his time in making decisions while others wait. He won’t be pressured or bullied. He doesn’t get flustered or shows any emotions of stress (other than his hair getting whiter). He is polite, thoughtful and rarely if ever raises his voice. He greets world leaders with a smile, handshake (some saw a bow) but overall the man is cerebral. What more could we ask for in these uncertain economic times?

Do we want a President who is constantly telling us things are bad? A President who makes hasty decisions because the media writes the economy is taking too long to recover (remember it was the media who said put him in office and all our problems would go away)? Or do we want a President who would threaten those seemed as enemies to get with the program or else (Ha! Look where that got us over the past eight years).

Let’s be fair what exactly is it that the media wants short of running the country themselves? Let’s be fair and give the man a chance to do his job. He has a lot on his plate. Not to mention a nagging media constantly submitting suggestions on their take of what he should or shouldn’t do. Mind you this is coming from a person who didn’t vote for the President, but I respect what he is doing and wish him well. He is after all our President. I can agree to disagree without being disrespectful or being belligerent and saying I have the right to disagree (missing using the right).

Blame the media's inability to clearly report accurately what is going on in the world.

Is he tough enough? It all depends how you define tough.

“and we are not saved…”

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Children As Political Gain: What Are We Teaching Them?

What is more harmful children singing a song about the President or a group of adults protesting outside an elementary school as children go in or class in session?

Is this America? Is this what we want to teach our children _ to fear us? They didn’t start the fire but some are bent on dragging them in to squash it?

Indoctrination what? I think we should more concern about negative images they see on TV and songs played over the radio than a song about the President.

Mothers, Fathers what’s it all about? Are you now using your children as political pawns?

Have we no shame? Have we no feelings? Must everything be about politics? Can’t we anyone stand up and be logical? Where does it end? If we are all about taking care of our children and protecting them, what does protesting outside a school have to say about who we are as a nation protecting the innocent? Are we protecting or scaring them?

“and we are not saved…”

How do you say to your child in the night?
Nothing's all black, but then nothing's all white
How do you say it will all be all right
When you know that it might not be true?
What do you do?

Careful the things you say
Children will listen
Careful the things you do
Children will see and learn
Children may not obey, but children will listen
Children will look to you for which way to turn
Co learn what to be
Careful before you say "Listen to me"
Children will listen

Careful the wish you make
Wishes are children
Careful the path they take
Wishes come true, not free
Careful the spell you cast
Not just on children
Sometimes the spell may last
Past what you can see
And turn against you
Careful the tale you tell
That is the spell
Children will listen

How can you say to a child who's in flight
"Don't slip away and i won't hold so tight"
What can you say that no matter how slight Won't be misunderstood
What do you leave to your child when you're dead?
Only whatever you put in it's head
Things that you're mother and father had said
Which were left to them too
Careful what you say
Children will listen
Careful you do it too
Children will see
And learn, oh guide them that step away
Children will glisten
Sample with what is true
And children will turn
If just to be free
Careful before you say
"Listen to me"

From the musical “Into The Woods”

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Look At The Man In Your Mirror...Is He Any Better?

Are you any better? Which sign are you holding up? Is it a sign or another hidden message?Can we not just get along? Agree to disagree with mutual respect? Are we any better than those we look down upon and say they are wrong? Who are we to judge when we carry stones in our hands and hate in our mouths? Who are we to call terrorist, when we bring about terrorism on our own land?

Secretly hidden in our hearts are lies and deceit. Buried in the corners of our minds is hypocrisy outwardly disguised as freedom of speech? Who are we to judge?

What are you really trying to say? Do you understand what’s at stake or are you a puppet spewing hate? Are you truly any better then other third world countries or those who hide their hate? Take a close look at the man in your mirror and see him for who he really is. Is this American or savagery?

“and we are not saved….”