Thursday, November 12, 2009

Someone Won’t Be Coming Home…The Empty Dinner Seat


Did I hear it correctly? The President is dithering on sending troops to Afghanistan? We better hope he keeps dithering before making a hasty decision but one of importance none the less.

Perhaps the past administration and those saying go to Afghanistan should have dithered a few years back _ me included.

Had President Obama already made a decision to send additional troops to
Afghanistan, I hope all would have had the common sense to question such a hasty decision. Knowing that he has the final say to put our sons and daughters in harms way can’t be an easy decision and it shouldn’t be.

Yes there are those saying send the troops now we can’t wait. They are probably the same voices who without doubt said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (not including Saddam Hassan).

The President’s decision should not be politically motivate, though no matter what he decides it will be seen as political. Before making a decision the President must determine what the end goal will be. Many countries before us have gone into this region and failed. While we have the best of any troops, there is no need to send them where we are unable to achieve our goal.

Thinking long and hard before making a decision shows the methodical thought process which should be used before executing an important decision which will undoubtedly change the lives of thousands in America. Someone will not be coming home.

“and we are not saved…”

Monday, November 9, 2009

"Enemy Amongst Us... Be Not Deceived"

Last Thursday, November 5, a terrorist attack of betrayal was carried out by one of our on in Texas.

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan an American Muslim of Jordanian ancestry went on a vicious massacre leaving 12 soldiers and one civilian dead and 42 people wounded. Make no mistake this was an act against our nation similarly to the 1995 act of another American Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma.

To think our great country, America, afforded the 39 year-old Hasan the American dream. America paid for his military education, whereby he earned a doctorate degree and in return only asked that he fulfill his end of the bargain by protecting and serving. Was this too much to ask for? Was it too much to ask of an American, who swore his allegiance to his country and countrymen, to protect and to serve?

Over the next couple of days Hasan’s lawyers, defenders and some in the media will attempt to explain away his selfish, coward act of violence. Some will pontificate Hasan was troubled (and he was) or that he was tormented by fellow soldiers (possibly). He was a disturbed soldier in conflict with his religion, himself and duty to protect his country. Like the men and women he provided psychiatric help _ he too needed help.

The possibility that his religion played a role in his horrific act of violence should not and can not be overlooked. We can not fool ourselves in thinking his beliefs could not have played a role in his actions. Some at Fort Hood are quoted as saying Hasan was yelling “Allah is great” while carrying out this coward act of violence against his fellow American soldiers.

Suffice to say, last Thursday should serve as a wake up call that we are not saved from danger simply because it appears thousands of miles away. We see now danger is right in our backyards and oftentimes at our doorsteps.

“and we are not saved…”