Sunday, May 29, 2011

Republican Presidential Contest Suddenly Heats Up

Heats up with what and who, these three goons? Please!
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Rasul McNeil-Thomas Charged With Murder Of Newark Police Officer

Make an example of the brat with a harsh sentence. It is high time we get tough on these types of senseless killings. After all if we can go after bin laden, why not chastise our own.
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Osama Bin Laden Raid Avenged Deaths Of CIA Members Tom Shah And Molly Huckaby Hardy

I really detest this type of propaganda­. All the Monday morning quarterbac­king and what not. I am sure everyone will have their own reading into the killing of bin laden. Bottom line he is dead let't try to move on without creating additional drama.
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Lockheed Martin Hit By Cyber Attack, Department Of Homeland Security Confirms

There just has to be a way to hack the hackers, find them and put them in jail. Make an example out of them.
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Witness Said Car Smelled Of Human Decomposition

I must say the defense has a rather interestin­g strategy: the father killed the child and had molested Casey? Where did that come from?
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Large Crowds Protest Rape Charge Acquittal Of NYPD Cops (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

"and we are not saved..."
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Bill O'Reilly: Ed Schultz Suspension A Sign Of Comcast Crackdown

I agree 100% with this statement by Laura: "This what conservati­ve women, and African American men who happen to be conservati­ve, and even Latinos who are conservati­ve routinely have to deal with."

It is so truthful. Look at Herman Cain. No who is playing the race card?
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Lawrence O'Donnell: New York Times 'Jumped The Shark' With Palin Coverage (VIDEO)

Give me a break! O'Donnell should chastise himself for jumping the gun with then Senator Barack Obama and current market extraordin­aire Donald Trump. Put a lid on it man!
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Judd Gregg Hired By Goldman Sachs As International Advisor

He was nominated by President Obama to be Secretary of Commerce, but he withdrew his own name. I thought when called to serve your country you serve. The liberal media made light of his withdrawal­. This was doing the time the media was tooting no one would or could refuse the president of any thing. What happen here? And now this guy stands to make money from Wall Street. He is probably in cahoots with someone about something not good. It sickens me!
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Jon Huntsman Flirted With 'Death Panels' As Governor

I am sick and tired of this death panel notice scare tactic. It is not a death panel but more so a common sense way of looking at life. Practicali­ty in its simplest form. Why put a 80 year old person through a rigorous chemo treatment (or any other) when you know the person is going to die from the treatment (the body isn't strong) or the person will die eventually of natural causes? The idea should be to make the person comfortabl­e during their final days. Now tell me how is that a death panel, if it is decided to make them comfortabl­e as oppose to treatment?

Americans are afraid to die hence they want to scare all others so that their final journey is one of terror.
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Russia Joins Western Chorus For Muammar Gaddafi To Go

So #Russia is also eyeing the #oil in #Libya?
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Michele Bachmann Plans Presidential Announcement In Iowa

Wait I thought Bachmann and Palin where the same? Yikes! There are two nuts running around out there with delusions of grandeur? Oh
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James Clyburn Pushes Back On Article About Obama And Race

Wasn't it Clyburn who jumped on the Clinton's playing the race card in 2008? Come on enough of this racist mess! It always seems to come up when the Dems, liberal media or black politician­s want to silence their opposition or get sympathy from blacks. Geez!

I am so sick and tired of the racism card. It is time we move beyond it. Black politician­s and blacks as a hold must end this wolf cry immediatel­y. It is buoyed on by the liberal media. When Obama was elected President Blacks and the liberal media said all but declared racism dead. Now when they find it convenient to use they gravitate toward it STOP THE MADNESS!

I bet many forgot when the NYT tried to pull the birther issue with John McCain:

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Berlusconi Baffles Obama, Blasts Judges At G8 Summit

What does #Berluscon­i want #President Obama to do _ attack #Italy with troops?
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Karl Rove: Sarah Palin Doesn't Seem To Think 'Rules Apply To Her' (VIDEO)

#Karl Rove always get's good press when he speaks out against his own party. Ha!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin Documentary Setting Stage For 2012 Presidential Campaign?

Oh gosh no!
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Fox News Calls Out Ed Rendell (VIDEO)

Ouch! Now that was a shot in the old bazooka! I wish more networks and journalist would point out these contradict­ions.
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Spirituality, Not Religion On 'The Oprah Show'

As of late, there seems to be a move from all things religious and religion.

Religion isn’t bad. It is in fact, the foundation for many lives. The bad rap it has gotten due to the faults of a few (yet many) is unfortunat­e. Religion after all is man made, but it premises and guiding force is in good and spirituali­ty.

Religion has helped many in difficult times in their lives (the personal and profession­al). When there seemed to be no hope there was the faith in religion which sustains.

As dark as the situation might be, religion has been that hero when none other could be seen. Religion has saved many from suicide and bought many from the stages of despair and dissolute.

Some have said how can you believe in a concept that allows injustice to cloud over good. It looks away when evil is present causing chaos and destructio­n. It stands by when allows lives are stolen in sickness or murder. How can you believe in a religion that hurts others including its on that have faith in it? Good questions deserving an answer, but the believer would rather believe their is hope than note. That sustains them.

Something or nothing at all.
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Tom Felton Talks Spooning With Daniel Radcliffe And Life After Harry Potter

What is up with all things gay? First this article on HuffPost: http://www­.huffingto­­2011/05/24­/armie-ham­mer-talks-­leonardo-d­icaprio-j-­edgar-kiss­_n_866356.­html#comme­nts

I mean Geez! So what it's called acting what's the big deal? So much innuendo. No wonder stars stay in the closet.
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Armie Hammer Talks Leonardo DiCaprio 'J. Edgar' Kiss

You hit the hammer right on the nail. All this talk about people coming out. Here you have a straight guy kissing another guy and wanting to make certain all know he doesn't kiss guys off set. Ha! So much for acceptance­. I mean it's a movie after all not real life; why should anyone read any more into it? Better yet why does Hammer have to explain his kissing scene?
About Celebrities
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Michelle Obama Wears Tom Ford Dress To England State Dinner (PHOTOS)

Beautiful pictures.
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Oprah's Final Shows: Steadman Pays Tribute To Oprah (VIDEO)

The woman with the touch.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Michelle Obama & Kate Middleton Meet In London (PHOTOS)

Beautiful pictures. Michelle's dress was about to take flight in one of the pictures. She is tall and elegant.
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Obama England Trip Begins With Visit To Royals (VIDEO)

How refreshing­ly beautiful. Looks like Prince Charles's combover wanted to fly away.
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Amazon Hires Kirshbaum: Will Aggressive Move Into Publishing Cast A Pall Over The Competition?

Stay tune to the ever changing world of publishing­. That old way of only a few are published because of the intimate circle is OVER!
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Matt Taibbi: Wall St. Has No Incentive Not To Commit Crimes (VIDEO)

Matt Taibbi has written about this before and no one seems to be listening. So either the public doesn't believe him and no one cares or Taibbi is talking out of his arse. I tend to believe him.
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'I Played By The Rules' -- 'The Rules Have Changed'

I think what many are forgetting is vocational skills. While we want as many as can to have access to college, not everyone can and should go and turn their backs on vocational skilled jobs. Those jobs and people who have they play a crucial role in our society. Looking down on blue collar workers with emphasis on only those with a college degree can and will succeed is false and harmful to our economy.
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Scott Brown: Paul Ryan Medicare Plan Won't Get My Vote

Perhaps Scott Brown is what the Republican party needs more of.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen President, Resists Pressure To Step Down

Can you blame the man? It's his country and his call. Look at Libya? American probably doesn't like it, but what are we to do? What are the other Arab countries doing or Muslims? Perhaps they can convince him.
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Newt Gingrich Defends His Tiffany's Debt: 'It's A Normal Way Of Doing Business' (VIDEO)

Man Newt is taking a good beating. That's what happens when you run for president without the backing of the media.
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Obama AIPAC Speech 2011: President Seeks To Smooth Out U.S.-Israel Tensions (VIDEO)

America hasn't had a better friend than Israel. Netanayhu is too hard nose. Hamas needs to get with the program.
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Mitch Daniels Not Running For President In 2012

I guess Mitch Daniels didn't want his private life becoming a media circus.
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Spain Protests Rock Nation, Tens Of Thousands Fill The Cities Over Joblessness

Perhaps Americans should take to the streets. Our jobs and dollars are constantly going overseas to help other countries prop up their economy. What about us?
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'Judgment Day' Believers Face Tough Questions After Unfulfilled Doomsday

Well I see we are all accounted for unless we missed the rapture and don't realize it.
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Syria Death Toll From Violence Tops 900

Are other countries noting this violence? What are Muslims doing to protect their on in the region. Is Saudi Arabia sending troops or money? Are they opening their doors to welcome the innocent? The US cannot afford to police the world.
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

French Women 'Stunned' By Public Misogyny Following DSK's Arrest

"troussage de domestique­", a phrase that evokes a master having non-consen­sual sex with a servant. This seems to be a bit sexist and racist.
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Manal al-Sherif, Saudi Woman, Detained For Defying Driving Ban

Good for this woman. Allow the movement to start from within. America and the West...kee­p your noses out of it!
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O'Reilly: Half The World's Muslims Don't Want Democracy And Human Rights (VIDEO)

This is so true and I wonder why liberal Americans can't get this fact in their thick heads. Not all Muslims are protest against freedom. Something else all who like democracy must remember our definition of democracy is differentl­y defined in the world of Islam. Our constituti­on says all men are created equal theirs doesn't and we can't force them to accept ours.
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French Women 'Stunned' By Public Misogyny Following DSK's Arrest

With comments like, "Journalis­t Jean-Franç­ois Kahn, no relation, denied rape had taken place and dismissed the affair as "troussage de domestique­", a phrase that evokes a master having non-consen­sual sex with a servant." I am surprised the American media hasn't gone and turned this into a racial issue. Let's face it it has all the signs. This would be a juicy piece. Let's see how long it will take before the race card is played.
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Michelle Obama Asks Religious Leaders For Help With Military Families

That's awesome. My only advice is keep an eye on the money.
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Rapture 2011: Other 'End Of The World' Predictions From Around The World (PHOTOS)

So far on my end everyone has been accounted for. I guess they missed the rapture and five months of suffering will follow. Yikes! That's the entire world!

Who else is out there? Give a shout out.
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Rapture 2011: Apocalypse Now... No, Now! (LIVE BLOG)

I wonder who will get to hell first the Democrats, Republican­s or Tea Party? Hey maybe pop culture? If the rapture does take place will all the unknown conspiracy theories be revealed? So much to find out and so little time.
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Herman Cain For President Campaign Launches (VIDEO)

Ok mainstream media Herman Cain is black, a republican and a tea party favorite. Does that make him a racist? How will you spend this?
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture 2011: Apocalypse Now (LIVE-BLOG)

I wonder who will arrive in hell first? Will we find out who really shot JR and if the 9/11 hijackers got to party with 100 virgins? Man! All secrets will be revealed tomorrow. Stay tuned. I wonder if bin laden and Saddam are already there?
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Detroit Auto Workers Look To See Scales Balanced With Big Three Back In Black

Oh boy! Things could get testy and jobs move over seas.
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Maddow's 'Epic Of Gingrich': An Illustrated Tribute To Newt Gingrich's Amazing Statement (VIDEO)

I really don't like this kind of propaganda­. The lines become blurred when something like this comes out with Obama. You have to bring out the race handbook. Slippery slope.
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Obama's Middle East Speech: Religious Leaders Respond

Is there any other country where the US relationsh­ip is based on religion (don't say Israel)? I ask because in the states it's separation of state and religion. Why are Muslims getting preferenti­al treatment?
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