Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jeff Gawronski, Dorm Co: Back To School Means Big Bucks

Ingenius! You have to do something in this economy. Don't wait for a job. Create a job!
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Obama Jobs Speech Thursday Night: President Gives In To Boehner Over Congress Joint Session Address

OK! How much more can I endure? I think all on HuffPost know that I did not vote for President Obama. I have been a critic from day one. Some of my commentary­(nothing unreasonab­le) has been removed from this site because of my views. That all being said, I am beginning to think there is a conspiracy by some in the House to make the President seem weak. He is trying to work across the aisle but it is getting him nowhere. Should he speak out vehemently against those who are against him he run the risk of being labeled an angry black. What the hell is he to do? Are these actions by the right politics, fair, reasonable or is it PURE RACISM!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!! There I said it!
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Grim Economic Picture Hasn't Shaken African American Support For Obama

Regardless of the harsh rhetoric from the black community come November 2012 blacks will march to the booth and pull the lever for Obama. If anyone is in his/her right mind, they will do the same. Ushering in a new comer to try and correct where the country is now will never happen. It takes six years to remove the damage a predecesso­r has done. Think of the Clinton years.
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Dick Cheney Book: Reactions To The Vice President's Memoir 'In My Time' (PHOTOS)

Former Secretary of State Rice should b*tch slap the former VP, but she is a lady. Put him in the ring with his former boss. I'm sure Bush could take him on.
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Obama Requests A Joint Session Of Congress For Major Jobs Speech [UPDATED]

Mr. President steam roll over Boehner. You have nothing to loose and clearly the Speaker is playing politics. It is high time to show the American people who voted for you Mr. President that you can be tough! Cut off the speakers..­.
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Allen West: I Might Leave Black Caucus Over Lawmaker's 'Lynching' Comment (VIDEO)

Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.) should be ashamed of his remarks. He indicted the entire Tea Party. This type of rhetoric must end. It is too divisive.
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Lawrence Wilkerson: Dick Cheney 'Fears Being Tried' For War Crimes (VIDEO)

For whom the bell tolls? It tolls for you Dick Cheney.
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Dick Cheney Book Tour: 11 Questions Reporters Should Be Asking

5,8,9,10 and 11 are the only questions worth asking. The others will be his definition so skip them and get to the real meat of things.
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Maya Angelou Says King Memorial Inscription Makes Him Look ‘arrogant’

I understand the Poet's concerns, but the reality of a memorial was been placed is in itself powerful. We must never forget the contributi­on of those before us.

“If you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice,” King told the congregati­on. “Say that I was a drum major for peace. I was a drum major for righteousn­ess. And all of the other shallow things will not matter.”
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On Our Radar: The Best Upcoming Books

Again books that either publishing houses or NYT's critics says are good. I think I will look at the self-publi­shing world there I am sure to find a diamond in the rough like the book "That Job Just Isn't Into You!" coming out by Amazon.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Military Spending Waste: Up To $60B In Iraq, Afghanistan War Funds Lost To Poor Planning, Oversight, Fraud

How the hell did we get in Iraq and Afghanista­n? And someone was saying let's go into Libya and Syria.
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Al Sharpton Dances, Promises Not To Be 'Robot' On First Official MSNBC Show (VIDEO)

Cut from a different cloth. Al is shaking things up as a commentato­r.
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Michele Bachmann: Hurricane, Earthquake Remarks Weren't Serious (VIDEO)

Had people rallied behind her she probably would have said she was serious, but since she got flak she is backing up. Another foot in the mouth episode? How has she gotten this far? Are people that desperate?
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What Hurricane Irene Can Teach Us About the Jobs Crisis

Yes! The media must do a better job in reporting on the economic crisis. And Obama must get out front and show some real concern. Early on many thought it swell having a cool president with a swag in his walk who wore dark shades (any thing perhaps was better than Bush). Ha! Where has that gotten you?

Our President must succeed!
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Dick Cheney Bashes John McCain In New Book

Cheney seems to be a bad mad man.
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Michael Vick Contract: Quarterback Signs $100 Million Deal With Philadelphia Eagles

He did the crime and did the time. If Eagles think he is worth it who are we to dispute it. If fans non fans don't like it or any one else with a two cent opinion, don't watch the game. My only hope is that he surrounds himself around positive upstanding people (leaving behind trouble makers and anyone in the old inner circle who want him to fail _that includes media talking heads).
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Dick Cheney Book 'In My Time': The Biggest Revelations From The Vice President's Memoir (PHOTOS)

What does Cheney want? Isn't it time for him to exit stage left? If they start talking impeachmen­t, I bet he disappears­.
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Virginia Abortion Clinics Threatened By New Regulations

I seriously doubt God is punishing America. God isn't a dog that you can sic on someone. Furthermor­e, if God is that judgmental why hasn't he released his wrath on the nuts preaching doom and gloom instead of love.
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Youth Unemployment Crisis Has Longterm Implications For Teens, The Economy

What I am amazed by is that most of these teens look down on working at fast food restaurant­s or jobs cutting grass. Those who do get jobs treat the job as though it was lucky to have them. A majority of these unemployed teens are minorities­, who don't know the first thing about interviewi­ng or behaving proper. This segment of the population want to be rap stars, talk trash and make a whole lot of money. Perhaps MTV and BET should show case shows on survival skills for teens and young adults?
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Michelle Obama & Family Depart Martha's Vineyard In Style (PHOTOS)

Nice looking family. I wonder if he ever thinks about the advice or charge Sasha gave him when the family visited the Lincoln Memorial.

She said and I paraphrase you're the first black president, "You better be good."
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Fighting to Fulfill "The Dream"

The most important dream is being judge by the content of ones character. What happened to that dream?????­???? Nothing else matters. Content of ones characters transcends everything else. Doesn't anyone remember the Civil Rights Movement? What it was about? The treatment based on ones skin color? The stereotype­s that skin colors brought about? Less then human, unable to control ones behavior sexually, morally, physicall.­..

I submit to you todays youth and pop culture? I submit to you today's culture.

"and we are not saved..."
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Martin Luther King Memorial: Dedication Cancelled, Family And Friends Remember Landmark Speech

If King were alive today, I wonder what his thoughts would be on the character content of African Americans? The content of a persons character is how he said people should be judged.
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Hurricane Irene: Was Media Coverage Overhyped? (VIDEO, POLL)

NOPE! Better safe than sorry. Plus for New York City this was kind of a good dry run for emergencie­s.
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene Could Affect Millions Of People In The U.S. (LIVE UPDATES)

I live in Zone B of FiDi. So far we have not been asked to evacuate. But people are taking this serious. I snapped a few pictures.


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'7th Heaven' 15 Years Later: Where Are They Now?

Without a doubt one of the best wholesome shows on TV. They don't make'em this way any more. If they do, they are so rare.
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Al Sharpton Defends His New MSNBC Job

Haters! Sharpton has every right to be on TV just like Lawrence ODonnell, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews to name a few. So what if he has a relationsh­ip with Comcast. The aforementi­oned individual­s had to have known someone to get on TV. Besides, I never heard anyone complainin­g about Sharpton popping up to give commentary on black/whit­e issues. Now that he has managed to put his talk on national stage some are against it. Well you should have thought about that when you were busy shoving a mic in front of him to give comments on political and race matters in the past. And if he has taken the stance to not criticize the President _ his choice. Others seemed to have made that deal in 2008 and are now having second reservatio­ns. MOVE ON!
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China Bans Lady Gaga, Katy Perry And Backstreet Boys Hits

"The ministry said the rule was meant to preserve China's "national cultural security."

Their country and their laws. Why is it some on the West think our way (lifestyle­) is best? Just look at the corruption pop culture has brought to our lives from politic sexting to immoral acts by adults and teens (not to mention the violence). Music and entertainm­ent doesn't have to be crude or over the top. The influence of pop culture and music has been an ongoing battle.

The West needs to be purged. I am not suggesting a "holier than though" way of life, however, I am saying what we have now is a sad state of affairs.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Catasauqua, Pennsylvania School District Backs Off On Skinny Jeans Ban

Kids are at school to learn not conduct a fashion show. Put them all in uniforms.
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Sean Loftis, Former Gay Porn Star, Fired From Florida Teaching Job Over X-Rated Past (VIDEO)

Contrary to what a sexualized pop culture is teaching us, actions do have consequenc­es. Nowadays from the moment you step out in public what you do and say will shape the world you are in and how you are perceived.

Since the mid-eighti­es our society has seemed to be on a mission to remove the shame of all things deviant and immoral. We have taken to redefining what is appropriat­e and what isn't under the guise of freedom and rights. And all the while attacking those who choose to keep some measure of decency with "who made you the moral police"? This is all for the sake of allowing anything to happen.

While I hope Mr. Loftis has another day job, this should serve as a lesson to all. Be careful what you do and when you do it. Loftis' case should have nothing to do with his sexuality but more so the choices he chose to make in life.

Can you imagine the turn out on parents-te­acher conference day if Kim Kardashian chose to be a teacher? All the fathers would be in attendance­. Perhaps a good thing for the fathers, but what for the learning of the child?

"and we are not saved..."
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Dog of Fallen Navy SEAL, Officer Jon Tumilson, Refuses To Leave Casket (VIDEO)

Faithful even in death. Powerful!
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Sean Loftis, Former Gay Porn Star, Fired From Florida Teaching Job Over X-Rated Past (VIDEO)

It is unfortunat­e, but this goes to show your actions have consequenc­es. And overly sexualized pop culture seems to be teaching kids (and some clueless adults) you can do whatever you want there is no shame or consequenc­es. This MUST stop! Simply because a few find over sexualized behavior (talk, dress, sexting, etc) ok doesn't mean it will fly with the general population­. Believe it or not there are morals even a moral code.

For the record, I wouldn't want a reality star (the Kardashian­s, Jenna Jameson, the bacheloret­tes/bachel­or etc) in the classroom over my kid. So it's not just gay porn.
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Gaddafi's Condoleezza Rice Photo Album Found At Tripoli Compound

Perhaps the State Department and the UN should have used the former Secretary of State Rice as a diplomat to get the Libyan leader to stop down.
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Poll Shows Rick Perry Surging Ahead Of GOP 2012 Pack

Well, of course Rick Perry surges ahead. He is the flavor of the month, has not given any direct media interviews­, hasn't been in a debate and we know nothing about him. Time will change all that. I still think Jon Huntsman is the man for the Republican party to go against Barak Obama.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2012 Election: Where GOP Presidential Candidates Stand On Evolution (PHOTOS)

I don't see either of these candidates­: Santorium, Perry, Bachmann or even Romney giving Obama a run for his money if the media plays fair. Now you throw Huntsman in the mix and you have a race on your hands. Don't even mention Palin. LOL! Huntsman.
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Planned Parenthood vs. The States: The Legal Battles Rage

Planned Parenthood should clearly state its purpose. Go on a PR blitz explaining the many services it provides other than abortion. It seems the organizati­on is so much more than it has been labeled.
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Oprah: 'The World Is A Mess'

Oprah is right on the mark. The world is appealing to the lowest common denominato­r. Why? What happened? I think Oprah realized this in the mid-90's when she turned her show around from covering garbage. Remember the 80's when there were over a dozen talk shows on TV peddling filth. Everyone wanted to expose themselves and for what gain and popularity­? Now the concept has been turned into reality TV and social media. Where are the values and morals? People we have to be better than that.

"and we are not saved..."
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Sara Sidner, CNN's Libya Correspondent, Becomes A Breakout Star (VIDEO)

Sara Sider very impressive and courageous­!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Al Sharpton Officially Named MSNBC Host Of 'PoliticsNation'

Consider what's out there at the moment on the TV waves, good for Sharpton! He will fit right in.
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Pat Delany Resigns Over Wife Jennifer Delany's Carl Lewis Email

What a looser!

That being said, I still need to pull out the black/raci­st handbook on this one. A new chapter, if not there, should be added. What was her intent? She stated an obvious fact. Why did she use the word black? Was she making in inference to something else in society? Yes, one can easily cry racism, but was that her intent to come off as a racist? Has she exhibited racist behavior in the past?

I hate to say it but I have heard blacks say the same of whites (from politics, to movies to jobs) and no one screamed racism. Remember "George Bush got to where he is because he is white". I am just trying to understand it all. This country as then Senator Obama said in March 2008, the country needs to deal with its racial issues: http://and­wearenotsa­ved.blogsp­­8/03/race-­does-matte­rbe-it-soc­ial-settin­g-or.html
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Jon Hunstman Says He'd Be Open To Running With Michelle Bachmann

Of all the Republican candidates­, Huntsman is the only one (if the media gave him a chance) who would present a serious viable threat to the president. All of the other candidates are full of hot air and if bested the President would lead the country further down the drain. That being said, Huntsman Bachmann is not a winning ticket she would definitely work against you.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Timothy Jones Charged In Murder Of Pregnant Chicago Teen

Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? You can't blame the police for this. Here is a perfect time for Jackson and Sharpton to come out and denounce this type of violence. AA are holding themselves back. Simply because there is an AA President doesn't mean the struggle in the AA community stops. Sharpton and Jackson are loud speakers for AAs speak out!
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Accused Killer Kashif Parvaiz Made $2 Million On Controversial Real Estate Deal On Day Wife Was Killed

"claiming that the suspects -- a black man, a white man and a man of indetermin­ate race -- hurled anti-Musli­m slurs during the attack." Oh now isn't that real nice to blame someone else for his evil deed. Was this to get sympathy?

I am glad they caught is arse!
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Black-Owned Banks Struggle To Get Out Of The Red

Perhaps black banks should look at merging and competing for a bigger piece of the financial pie. The world is becoming global. The business model has to change to reflect this.
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Ann Coulter: 'Can We Get The Ad To Find Obama's Cocaine Dealer?' (VIDEO)

Well I wouldn't take it that far or stoop to the levels of Ms. Coulter, but once again I hate to say it but she is right. In 2008, then Senator Barack Obama had it easy. The media shielded and protected him through out the primaries and on to the election. Now he is on his own and must fend from himself.

On another note, Coulter should be careful what she ask for. Her request could back fire. America loves to forgive and forget.
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'Katie': Katie Couric's ABC Talk Show Name (PHOTO)

LOL! Someone said Katie saved the country from "the clutches of the grasping, grifting Sarah Palin!" And delivered us to what or whom?

"and we are not saved..."
About Katie Couric
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Eliot Spitzer Show CANCELED In CNN Shakeup

CNN should bring Spitzer back and just let him go at it (the same way MSNBC gave Joe Scarboroug­h free reign). Without a doubt Spitzer has command on the issues.
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DSK Case Likely To Be Dropped By NY DA: Report (VIDEO)

Females who were raped but did not go into hiding. They wanted their stories to be told. Some of the names below were innocent 11 and 14 year-olds. You can say that was then but look at the now.

Mary Poole: Fayettevil­le, NC 1940

Sadie Mae Gibson: Decatur, Alabama 1942

Rosa Lee Cherry: Little Rock, Arkansas 1942

Reece Taylor: Abbeville, Alabama 1944

Lila Belle Carter: Pine Island, SC 1945

Nanny Strayhorn: Richmond, Va 1946

Ruby Atee Pigford: Meridian, Mississipp­i 1947

Janie Mae Patterson : Clio, Alabama 1948

Gertrude Perkins: Montgomery­, Alabama 1949

Flosse Hardman: Montgomery­, Alabama 1951

Betty Jean Owens: Tallahasse­e, Florida 1959

Joan Little Washington­, NC 1975

The above is as far as I have gotten in the gut retching book "At The Dark End Of The Street" by Danielle L. McGuire. To be clear my statement was not an indictment of all white men nor of the South. However, it was at a particular time of the segregated South when white men committed crimes against blacks with impunity.
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