Monday, October 31, 2011

Herman Cain -vs- The Nameless Women On Halloween

Appearing On The Record with Greta Van Susteren Herman Cain said that one of the women accusing him of sexual harassment claims he compared her height to that of his wife. He said the woman was in his office and he just mentioned that she was the height of his wife. This perhaps, he said, made her uncomfortable. He at the time thought nothing of his comments. Later, he said general counsel of the National Restaurant Association, where he worked, made him aware the nameless woman had made sexual harassment allegations against him.

Cain said he asked that the nameless woman's charges be investigated. Cain said he recused himself from investigating the case. An internal investigation of the charges rendered them baseless. He said there was a settlement and it could have been a severance package deal. He also noted that he was informed by general counsel that the nameless woman had expected a huge payout.

So far this story sounds like a he said she said. Sure women and men view what is considered sexual harassment differently and it is a dangerous minefield out there. It's anyone's guess what will be said. But for me, there are too many unanswered questions from the earlier story reported by Jonathan Martin of Politico and his unnamed sources.

These unnamed sources of the media should to end. Innocent lives are destroyed by this type of nonsense. Keeping this story going there is yet another nameless woman out there, according to Politico, who has also claimed to have been sexually harassed by Cain.

The only good thing about all of this is Cain is being vetted unlike some candidates elected to office.

"and we are not saved..."

Herman Cain's Implausible Spin

I smell a rat!

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Herman Cain -vs- Left Liberal Media

It was only a matter of time before the left wing liberal media launched an all out attack to impugn Herman Cain's character.

Sexual allegations.

How dare Cain forget his place!

I am waiting to find out who the accusers are. And while there seemed to have been a settlement of sorts (could have been a severance package) there is no admission of guilt or wrongdoing on Cain's part. But this hasn't stopped the left from suggesting Cain is guilty. The media has found Cain guilty because the National Restaurant Association settled with the women. Mind you this was not a legal court settlement. If these women felt they were done wrong, why not file an official complaint in the courts? Besides, it seems the accusers claim certain gestures made by Cain offended them. He could have very well waived good night to them and they thought it to be sexual harassment or said they looked nice for the meeting they were all attending.

Jonathan Martin, the reporter from Politico, who broke this story is yet to say if he spoke to the women making the allegations, so how are we to believe what is being reported by him is factual? Martin has said that he interviewed people from across the nation for the story. Really, across the nation? That many people involved, and what do they have to do with the allegations? How do we know they aren't disgruntle employees of Cain? Furthermore, if the settlement was private how did Martin get this scoop? Where is all of the information needed for readers to make an informed decision? The old "according to confirmed sources" or 'sources with knowledge of what happened." This to me is always a red flag and should be a red flag to anyone wanting to know the real story.

What I find really offensive about Martin's story are comments he made on Anderson Cooper Monday night. Martin told Cooper that stories had been flying around Washington DC since the summer about inappropriate sexual behavior of Cain. Really? Cain only got on the liberal media radar recently. Also Cain recused himself from investigating the charges and allowed general counsel to investigate.

With the little information (hearsay) we have, I think this entire thing is much-to-do-about nothing. It is possible this is another attempt by the left to a covertly put down a conservative black man.

Get use to it folks there are conservative blacks and they are here to stay and multiply!

"and we are not saved..."

Rush Limbaugh: Herman Cain Harassment Story 'Unconscionable, Racially Stereotypical Attack' (AUDIO)

Typical of the left wing. I guess they saw the possibilit­y of hope in Herman Cain. Well like it or not their are black conservati­ves and there will continue to be black conservati­ves. If Cain is guilty shame on him, but if these women are so ashamed why are they coming out?
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Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Accusations: GOP Presidential Candidate Denies Politico Report

John Edwards has an affair and a baby and the media tries to hide it so that he can become president. Hopefully this Cain thing isn't true, but he will and should address the matter straight on. This whole thing reminds me of the 90's and Bill Clinton.
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David Axelrod: Obama's Fundraising Rules Still Better Than Anything Republicans Have

So no drama Obama is taking money from the hands of individual­s he said he wouldn't take money from. Interestin­g. Money is money. Psst. Make certain the protesters of Occupy Wall Street are aware of this.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Lost In Translation

$5million so far and counting is the bill New York City has to foot as a result of Occupy Wall Street. Some will say the number is inflated. Perhaps it is, but the fact remains the number will continue to grow as long as protesters are camped out in Zuccotti Park and the New York Police Department has to watch over them.
It’s time protesters of Occupy Wall Street start practicing what they protest, or their message of Wall Street corruption will be lost.

I have written extensively about the Occupy Wall Street protesters, who for the past month been camped out in Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan. (
Entering its fifth week, the Occupy Wall Street protesters were facing an eviction. Friday morning Brookfield Properties had planned to kick the protesters out of the park citing unsanitary conditions that needed to be addressed.
However, what could have been the worst day for the protesters and possibly The City (with arrest and injuries) was averted. At the eleventh-hour, Brookfield decided not to evict the protesters, and the NYPD along with the City breathed a sigh-of-relief. So for the time being the protesters will remain in the park. How long is anyone’s guess.

In any event, if the park owners want the protesters to leave the privately owned park so it can be cleaned, they _ the protesters _ should leave. It is a privately owned park with rules and regulations among them “no sleeping” or “overnight stays.” Yes, people are sleeping, eating and dancing in the park but that doesn't make it dirty. Actually, the park is rather clean, all things considered. (

By staying in the park and refusing to leave aren’t protesters doing exactly what they are accusing Wall Street of doing usurping authority? Not only that they _ the protesters_ could be viewed as disregarding the request of the people (surrounding businesses who want them out).

The Occupy Wall Street protest is more than just an occupation of a park. Some have said that if the protesters leave the park they’ll lose their energy. Really? So the energy from the group is a park? What happens when the group has to stage a rally? The energy should be the people having one goal and a message of “We The People!” and not “We the Park.” While I understand the need to have a meeting place for protesters to come and share ideas, why wouldn’t a rented space called “Occupy Wall Street Headquarters” suffice?

The protesters’ concern should not be over a space to camp out and sleep but rather a place to rally the troops and share or collect ideas. Just the other day hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons said he would personally bankroll the sanitation efforts of the park. Wouldn’t that money be better served renting an office space for the protesters? All the celebrities who have visited the park surely can muster enough cash to rent a space for the protesters if they _ the celebs _ really and truly believe in the protest cause.

Again, the protest is more than just a camp out in a park. If the protesters are serious about their cause, one would think they would graciously turn the park back over to its rightful owners for a cleanup.
This standoff of the protesters leaving or staying will eventually take attention off the alleged misdeeds of Wall Street and onto the arrest of protesters wanting to stay in a park. Doesn’t make much sense.
Furthermore, if the message of the protest is only as good as the occupation of a park then the message is lost in translation.

As of October 22, a protester climbed Mark di Suvero's sculpture Joie de Vivre. He had vowed to remain on this perch until Mayor Bloomberg resigned. Eventually the man came down and was arrested. Mayor Bloomberg remains mayor.

With winter right around the corner, I would say it is time the protesters go home and find a more legitimate place to run its protest. Camping out in a park, while seems nice and new, but what is it really doing other than costing the city more money in a already bad economy. I am all for protesting (it's a right). However, when the cost out weighs the means, it is time to re-strategize.

The message has to be more than a camp out in a park.

"and we are not saved..."

Occupy Wall Street: Joan Rivers On Why There Are No Gay Men In Zuccotti Park

LOL! I think it was Michelle Malkin from Fox who said minorities weren't there.
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Herman Cain Smoking Ad Slammed As Glorifying Smoking

OMG! People come on. Hollywood glamorize smoking, sex, violence 24/7. Yeah I know Hollywood isn't running for president, but they certainly are putting money in Obama's pocket (look at GE aka CBS). The ad isn't selling smoking surely people aren't that dumb. Then too, this is American politics and while the liberal media says Cain doesn't have a prayer the ad was perhaps in bad taste, but it's gone viral now.
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Herman Cain 2012 Campaign Takes Unorthodox Route Through Southern States

Why does Cain need to follow the convention­al road to the White House and set-up money hungry outpost in different states? The same way Obama use the internet to raise money (and became beholden to many) Cain is doing it his way and thumbing his nose at the establishm­ent. He will be his own man. It's time for a campaign change.
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Occupy Wall Street: Many Cities Leaving Protesters Alone [LATEST UPDATES]

The money already cash strapped cities will be out of is unthinkabl­e. I am ok with protesting­, but when it is time to go home....go home and come back the next day. Why camp out in a park if the message is about Wall Street. Why provoke the police when doing so will turn the message away from Wall Street corruption and on to alleged police brutality and he said she said? Don't mess up a good thing. Just comply. The protest message is getting lost in translatio­n.
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Friday, October 28, 2011

'Occupy The Boardroom' Website Allows People To Directly Email Wall Street Executives

This is the most practical thing the protesters have thought of. Bravo!
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Hillary Clinton Fares Better Than Obama In Matchups Against GOP Frontrunners: Poll

There the pollsters and the media go again trying to create turmoil and discord. I'm sure between now and the election there will be others who out poll the President including Joe the Plumber, but it doesn't mean the plumber will be president.

Furthermor­e, the media had its chance in having a Hillary Clinton presidency and you squandered it being bias, in otherwords move on!
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NYPD Officers Surrender In Corruption Probe

A small amount (21) compared to the large force of officers who do it right every day and putting their lives and that of their families on the line. I applaud those officers who are true to their uniform.
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NYPD Sergeants Union Blasts Protesters In Oakland For Violence

You got that right! The police put their lives on the life to protect many. Yes there are some officers who go over the top excessivel­y, but to lump them all up as bad simply because a few act out is total bull! We need to appreciate and respect the good deeds of those few officers who are getting up and doing it right every single day!
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Attack On Gay Student By Bully At Union-Scioto High School In Chillicothe, Ohio, Caught On Video

Horrible! Bullying must stop! And to paste it on Facebook or Youtube? Harsher punishment­! Kids need to get it. You do wrong you will PAY dearly! If you don't like a person just walk on by and say nothing!
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Kelly Clarkson Denies Lesbian Rumors On 'The View,' Reveals Why People Think She's Gay

If it doesn't matter if they are or aren't (according to the media) why is the media always on the band wagon to out a person?

Do heterosexu­als go around saying by the way I'm hetero?
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All Eyes on Occupy Oakland: Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Jail

$5million so far and counting has Occupy Wall Street caused the city of New York. How much did the tea party rallies cost? The tea party with all its fault did or has managed to be heard. They threw a monkey wrench in the 2009 election. And what will Occupy Wall Street accomplish besides setting up tents in a park?

Make no mistake I support the protesters right to protest, however, I can't over how they have taken on themselves to campout in a park and allow certain arms of the protest to cause havoc in the city. The message is getting lost and starting to focus on their antics as oppose to Wall Street Corruption­.
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Tyler Perry, Al Sharpton and the "Proper Negro" Remark

Self hatred. Sharpton a student of the Civil Rights has learned nothing. He should go back and study to understand why he is making such horrible comments about Tyler Perry. One can only imagine that if he wasn't in the good graces with the Obama Administra­tion he would be saying the same thing about the president. Or could it be MSNBC is greasing his palms to keep a lid on it?

"and we are not saved..."
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Occupy Wall Street Erects A Tent City In Zuccotti Park, With Little Reaction From NYPD

What a pity. The attention has been moved from Wall Street corruption to that of occupiers in a park. A message lost in translatio­n.

"and we are not saved..."
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rick Perry: Mitt Romney Says Whatever He Needs To Say For Whatever Office He's Running For (VIDEO)

So sad how Rick Perry has allowed the liberal media to make him out to be a vapor. He really shouldn't have believed their hype that he could take down Obama. Now look at Perry grasping for anything to stay relevant.
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Herman Cain Surges In The Polls As More Republicans Get To Know Him

I guess as Cain gradually moves to the top many on the left are shaking in their boots. Hey he's another black man running. Lawrence O'Donnell and others should love that. I wonder if Chris Matthews has chills running up his leg? LOL!
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Occupy Wall Street Gets A Vote Of Approval, And A Warning, From Community Board 1

No one denies the group the right to protest, but they don't have the right to take over a park and have sleep overs. Some in society are romanticiz­ing over Woodstock and the protest of the 60's and seem to be trying to make Occupy Wall Street their Woodstock. Well, it isn't and Occupy Wall Street will not end like a fairytale. Disagree all you want but time will prove these words right.

"and we are not saved..."
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Elizabeth Warren On Occupy Wall Street: I Created 'The Intellectual Foundation For What They Do'

Sorry there is nothing intellectu­al about what Occupy Wall Street is doing. The protesters lost their credibilit­y when after refusing to leave the park and have now turned it into a shanty town. The protesters are doing exactly what they accused Wall Street of doing: taking something that doesn't belong to them. Their message has to be more than a camp out in the park and family night and barbershop day. Just think of the money the City is having to pay police officers for overtime pay. I am ok with protesting­, but camping out and romanticiz­ing about Woodstock ain't gonna cut it.
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'Dancing With The Stars': Dancers & Contestants Respond To Maksim Chmerkovskly's Outburst

Good for the ratings. I hope Maks remains on the show. You love him, you hate him, you love him. So much for a family oriented show.
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Gaddafi Buried: Burial Of Gaddafi, Muatassim And Abu Bakr Younis In Secret Location

"Gadhafi and Muatassim were captured alive, with some injuries, but died in unclear circumstan­ces later that day." Yeah right. Try having a stick shoved up your butt and a bullet to the head.
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Seif Al Islam Gaddafi Nearing Niger Border, Tuareg Official Says

He better get there in a hurray or experience a stick shoved up his nether region. Ouch!
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Rick Perry: Obama Birth Certificate 'A Good Issue To Keep Alive' (VIDEO)

Perry is down in the polls and needs a comeback. He will never get the nomination and should have never believed the media hype that he was the great White Hope to challenge Obama.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Tim Tebow, Denver Bronco And Focus On The Family Spokesperson, Kisses Demaryius Thomas

In Russia men kiss all the time. What's the big deal here? It's not like he put his tongue in the man's mouth. Haven't you seen to men kiss before without them being gay _ not that there's anything wrong with it so the media say _ such contradict­ion.
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Protesters Are Occupying Wall Street, But Not Yet Changing It

It all started going down hill for me when the protesters refused to leave the park. To me they are doing exactly what they accused Wall Street bankers and sometimes the government of doing. They are laying claim to something that isn't theirs. They are in essence, by their own actions, changing their message to clean up corruption on Wall Street to occupying a piece of land. The message I know WAS more than a piece of land, but now it's lost in translatio­n.
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Gaddafi Sodomized? Video Shows Libyan Leader Attacked By Captors (WARNING: Graphic)

You lose one tyrant only to get several more. Change can be violent.
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Condoleezza Rice During Katrina: 'We Clearly Have A Race Problem'

Wait Ms. Rice has been miss quoted, and you have the quote in the article. She said ""Mr. President, I'm coming back. I don't know how much I can do, but we clearly have a race problem," I said."

Operative word "we" and not "you" Mr. President.

She did not say he had a race problem nor did she go into details as to what she meant. Come on let's get it right. Fair, truth and honesty and not what we want African Americans or others to perceive. Furthermor­e Bush did more to combat AIDS in Africa then any president including Obama. Secondly, Bush fought for the funding of Black Colleges not Obama. Do your research!
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Geraldo Rivera Shouted, Sworn At In Occupy Wall Street Protests (VIDEO)

Man! Geraldo was attacked again? I witnessed one of the attacks earlier this month. A protesters poured water on him. http://www­.youtube.c­om/watch?v­=5UVXsgZj2­do

So much for free speech.
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Gaddafi Death Questioned

What are the questions whether or not the US, Nato or France murdered him? Nah...I think he was murdered by his own undoing _ his people.
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Graphic Video Allegedly Shows Gaddafi Sodomized By Captors

Is this any worse than the death penalty? Did anyone think a capture of Gaddafi would be different? Remember the US wanted the people to overthrow Gaddafi. Look out Syria, Iran and Yemen. You might want to put on metal chasity belts.
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Jailed Occupy Chicago Protesters Describe Harsh Treatment By Police, Plan To Picket Rahm Emanuel's Office

The protesters are loosing their focus. The moment you start making allegation­s (unfounded­) at the police (who aren't perfect) the attention is moved off Wall Street and its antics.
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hamid Karzai: Afghanistan Would Back Pakistan In U.S. War

Comes as no surprise. The US liberates and Afghanista­n dictates.
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GOP 2012 Race Dominated By Personal Attacks

I find it funny how many in the media are now saying the gloves are coming off in the GOP race for the White House. Not only that, they say it could damage one of the candidates and turn voters off. I laugh. Back in 2008 many pundits and news outlets said the debates were boring and wanted things to heat up and the gloves off. Go figure. Same story different year and different spin. No wonder things are messed up in society.

"and we are not saved..."
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Parents For Occupy Wall Street Family Sleepover: 500 Parents And Children Gather In Zuccotti Park

Start sending mixed message of entitlemen­t to the children early. So sad, I was for this movement but after the "leave the park" debacle...­I have reservatio­ns. The protest message has to be more than a park. There are rules and regulation­s for the park: No loud music, no sleep overs etc. By ignoring the those and others tenets the protesters are doing exactly the same thing they are accusing Wall Street of doing.

I guess movie night for the family will be next.

"and we are not saved..."
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New York Weekender Events: October 21-23

"Great weather for an outdoor sleepover! Occupy Wall Street parents are hosting a family sleepover in order to "stand up for (their) families and our children's rights." You gotta be kidding!!!­!!! This is one of the main reasons the message is being lost in translatio­n. What's next family movie night in the Park?


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Occupy Wall Street: At Zuccotti Park, Conflict Arises Among Occupiers

It's time for the protesters to pack-up and go home. They are loosing their legitimacy­. The clashes with the police (unnecessa­ry) and clashes with each other completely unnecessar­y. GO HOME! This isn't the revolution of your parents and grandparen­ts. GO HOME!
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