Monday, May 28, 2012

Zachery Gray, Florida Teen, Suffers Brain Damage After Suicide Attempt Allegedly Due To Anti-Gay Bullying

Wait just a minute there. This isn't a liberal or conservative thing nor is it a Jesus or christian thing. If anything, it is a bullying thing and a people thing. It is time the laws of the land be enforced in their completeness. All this it gets better campaign with Hollywood stars, entertainers and polls who have the power to stop the bullying directed at them is meaningless for the youth or person who don't have the power. The only thing they have is the LAW and it should be on their side all the time. Just two weeks ago this law failed when it sentenced Dharun Ravi to 30 days in a county jail. Is that how it get's better? Come on enforce the law and start making examples out of those who break it. Then and only then will it get better.

I hope this family finds strength for the months ahead.
About Anti-Bullying
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