Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FHM 'Racist' Cover Gets Nixed After Readers Complain (PHOTO)

Has HP become the race police? If this is racism FHM Philippines learned from the best its US counterparts. If this wasn't an election year this would go unnoticed. My gosh!

Other articles in the last few days on HP about racism:

"and we are not saved..."
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Pat Shearer, Police Sergeant Who Posted Bullet-Riddled Image Of Obama, Suspended And Demoted

Why would the students feel comfortable shooting a T-shirt with the President and why did the officer take a picture and place on Facebook?

There is definitely something sistered going on in our society and needs to be addressed. People are taking advantage of free speech.

"and we are not saved..."
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Cable News Ratings: Top 30 Programs For February 2012 (PHOTOS, POLL)

MSNBC tries too hard from the 8 to 10 pm time slot. I am, however, surprised Hannity won his time slot. I had to give up on the show. He was too far out there with craziness. Anderson Cooper I like. Hats off to the Rev. Al and PoliticsNation. Ed Shultz the liberal version of Rush Limbaugh comes across as a bloviator and ODonnell a lost cause. He comes across as being too self-righteous and mean spirited. He finds it hard to be fair and balanced, so it seems.

And then there's Bill OReilly. Well, he has been making the talk show circuits. He's a keeper and winner of his time slot still.
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Rush Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke, Woman Denied Right To Speak At Contraception Hearing, A 'Slut'

Isn't Rush Limbaugh considered a shock jock? If so, why give him a platform when he makes outrageous comments. Similarly to FOX News most of the population don't agree with them. So why all the free plug-ins and people get bent out of shape over what either says? The US seems to have more liberals or independents than conservatives. Perhaps some think the right will convert the others.
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Islam In America: Mosques See Dramatic Increase In Just Over A Decade, According To Muslim Survey

Followers of Allah and of the Muslim religion have every right to worship or practice their faith and assemble like any other group in America (including whites, blacks, gays, straights, Christians/Protestants, Catholics, Buddhist, Hindu, agnostic, athesit, Sikh etc.) They can also say whatever they want to say including dislike for the government giving them this freedom.

"BUT" the moment they start recruiting terrorist in any shape form or fashion and giving money to support it (scared into giving or not) SHUT them DOWN! And that goes for any group promoting terrorist activity.

"and we are not saved..."
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Tom Brokaw: Rick Santorum Is 'Like A Character In A Bruce Willis Movie' (VIDEO)

This line Tom Brokaw is a classic:

"He's like a character in a Bruce Willis movie," he said. "He just knows how to stay alive. He's running through the jungle, fighting back, shooting from the hip, takes a lot of hits, stays angry the entire time, and he is giving a voice to a lot of people out there whose lives have been completely upended."
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New York Post, Daily News Defend NYPD's Surveillance Of Muslims As New York Times Remains Silent

"It will win its prizes, or not," McManus wrote. "But to the extent its activities undermine a great city's will to protect itself from proven enemies, it may someday have much for which to answer."

The AP's alleged impartial reporting is a gamble with the lives of millions and for what a prize? A prize over safety? How low can you go?
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Franklin Graham Apologizes To Obama For Questioning His Faith Following Criticisms Of Sowing Racial Discord

"Graham's apology came after a group of prominent black religious leaders criticized the evangelist for saying he did not know whether Obama is a Christian and suggesting that Islamic law considers him to be a Muslim."

Here's one for the books: so what if President Obama is a Muslim? What's the big deal? Are Americans not American enough to respect and accept other religions? What's the big deal here? Also, why are only black religious leaders coming out against Franklin Graham? What about members of the other Christian faith like whites, and Hispanics? Furthermore, who cares what Graham thinks? Who made him the key decision maker?

Does anyone see the contradictory here? Obviously there is a fat elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Instead, we hide behind hidden innuendos and suggestions instead of looking at the man in the mirror.

"and we are not saved..."
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Ann Romney Threatens To Cut Off Media Access

Ann Romney, Mitt Romney's wife apparently "complained that members of the media didn't want to see Mitt Romney elected."

She said, "All of us in this room know the media loves Barack Obama," she said. "They don’t want anyone who has a chance of defeating him."

She should have specified which media. Sure it seems the Left wing media is in the sack for President Obama. However, the Right wing isn't for President Obama and they seem to care for Romney. That being said I guess she got it right when she said "the media."
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T.J. Lane, Chardon High School Shooting Suspect, Was Described As Outcast By Cops

There are no excuses for this teenagers actions, however, bullying has to have more serious consequences.

From the article: "Students say that Lane was shy and targeted by bullies."
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Are "All Options on the Table" Really? Or Really!

The below statement taken from the above article says it all, so why won't the President do it?

"For an issue that rises to the highest considerations of national security one would think the president would sit his military leadership down and remind them of the old adage that "loose lips sink ships."

I have often wondered why military officials come out and speak on matters saying directly the opposite of what The White House is saying. Is this intentional or a ploy by the White House and military to get public opinion?
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Left And Right In Black And White

I don't subscribe to the opinion in this video, however,  President Obama dancing is funny. 

Mitt Romney does have good hair and a great smile.

Rick Santorum's 'Snob' Lob Against Obama Brings GOP Governors To President's Defense

Santorum is playing to a disenfranchised based. Heck Santorum has advanced degrees. What's wrong with going to college?  We all know not everyone will get an advance degree.
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NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly Not Sorry About NJ Muslim Surveillance

Stand your ground Mr. Commissioner. NYC has been a safe place because you have been doing your job. The moment things go wrong all will complain. Stand your ground. I'm sure there are spies in many radical Christian establishments and groups like the KKK.
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Mormon Proxy Baptism Was Performed On Mahatma Gandhi, Researcher Says

Religion is man made and it will be the downfall of many.

"and we are not saved..."
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Michigan Welfare Cuts Forcing People Back To Work Or Straining Safety Net?

Terrell Owens Faces Foreclosure: Two Dallas Condos To Be Auctioned Next Month

I hope Owen doesn't have any past due child support owed to his four children. If so he might want to read:

The family institution is under attack. We as citizens must do something.

"and we are not saved..."
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Paperless Child Support Payments May Cost Poor Fathers Only Source Of Income

This new process will be devastating on minority men just like welfare was devastating. In college I worked for Child Support as an admin. The system was broken then and still is.
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NYPD Surveillance: White House Helped Pay For Surveillance Of Muslim Neighborhoods

Does it really mattered if the money is used to protect us? So the money was intended to help law enforcement fight drug crimes. I bet you anything you can probably legally trace drugs back to terrorist.

Plus remember NYC did not get a lot of money from Homeland Security to fight terrorism. We all need to take a deep breath on this one. Think of all the undercover police officers on trains, airplanes, out there to foil criminal activity

What's the big deal?
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When Your 7-Year-Old Son Announces, 'I'm Gay'

Wow! Powerful piece. All that matters is love. All the best.

Your story is one I wish many could read. I hope you keep us informed (not that your situation is a novelty by any means but it is fascinating). Thanks for sharing.
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Afghanistan Shootings 'Outrageous' Says General Barry McCaffrey

The US role in these hostile areas is something to think about. Yes, our intent is good, however, the people in these regions (at least the ones the media air on TV) seem to not want us there and are violent.
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Melissa Harris-Perry On 'The Help': 'Appalled At The Gross Historical Inaccuracies' (VIDEO)

No matter what role African American's play there will be controversy. Dialogue is good but at some point reality verses fiction must settle in. Movies with AA killing each other in South Central is glorified as being reality and has a message; yet a movie like "The Help" and "The Color Purple" (1985) are scrutinized to the hilt and the value of entertainment is overlooked. Sure "The Help" didn't completely tell the story of domestics in the South. Read the book "At The Dark End Of The Street" by Danielle McGuire for that. As for now can't we just see the movie for what it is a fictional account of a point in time?

Furthermore if you want something different produce it and tell it. There are so many facets in all our lives and story to be celebrated.
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Risque Behavior Of A Snake on Morning TV in Chicago

During a segment on WCIU "You and Me This Morning," hosts Jeanne Sparrow and Melissa Forman spoke with members of Chicago's Herpetological Society and were introduced to several reptiles.  When they brought out a red-tailed boa constrictor, Sparrow offered to hold the snake, which almost immediately started crawling inside her shirt. As her cohost looked on in horror, Sparrow seemed to handle the situation quite well as the snake worked its way through her shirt and down her sleeve.
Sparrow instructed her cohost to do the weather while members of the Herpetological Society worked to get the snake out of her silk shirt.
Watch the whole incident above, video courtesy of WCIU.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Santorum Calling Obama A Snob?

Geez! What other adjective will Santorum come up with to describe the president?

While I don't think college is for everyone, it is a good thing to make it affordable for all. That being said, we mustn't forget about vocational schools and the necessity they bring to society. Skilled labor is what the economy is missing right now. Do we thing all in India and China have advance degrees? We would be selling ourselves short if we don't rethink vocational training.

Ann Romney: 'Maybe I Should Just Do All The Talking'

Ann Romney? She's the one with the couple of Cadillacs? Mitt looks at her so adoringly. I like their love it produced five sons.
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Marijuana Users Feel Less Dedicated To Work, Shocking Report Finds

First marijuana and then the hard stuff. Addiction can fool even the wisest person.
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CNN Founder Ted Turner Opposed To Keystone Pipeline

There needs to be open and clear dialogue on this pipeline. The pros and cons in simple lay terms so that all can understand. Who benefits and who loses.

Certainly and surely it would be better than getting oil from the MiddleEast.
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New York Times Columnist Charles Blow Apologizes For Controversial Tweet About Mitt Romney's 'Magic Underwear'

First off you can't compare Oprah's tweet transgression with that of Blow's. Please! Apples and oranges.

Now as for Blow, why the heck weren't you thinking? Didn't you know society is becoming politically correct on just about everything. You could have made your "magical underwear" joke in the privacy of your friends but in a tweet???? Duh? I guess you were feeling a bit too empowered. Just goes to show where your mind was.

Romney, on the otherhand, could be on to something when he said: "a little surprising" and joked, "I guess we're finding out for the first time that the media is somewhat biased."

Biased in what way?
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Juan Williams to Pat Buchanan: Are You A Racist?

What I find interesting is how the left always seems to decide what is and what isn't racism and who is a racist (I guess they wrote the book on all things race).  To back up their noise they always seem to through the mic in some other liberal's face to support their assertion. "and we are not saved..."

Jan Brewer To Skip Governors Dinner At White House On Sunday

Good she is skipping. The last thing we need is her drama. Good riddance! Her excuse apparently she doesn't want to attend a "social" event. LOL! That says it all, perhaps she has no social grace. LOL! Good one governor.
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Afghanistan NATO Staff Recalled Following Attack At Interior Ministry

"and we are not saved..."

We should leave these people to their own vices. Rid ourselves of oil and let them do as they will providing they don't come trying to attack the US. The same with Syria. I hate to say it but it seems there is no hope. You go in and try to help and they turn against you.
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Cop Charged After Raiding Refrigerator In Police Station's Break Room

LOL! Why do people take what's not theres? This happens all the time in some office. I have been a victim.
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Banker Leaves 1% Tip On $133 Lunch Bill In Defiance of 'The 99%' [UPDATED]

This is the first and proper course of action. "The first thing we're going to do is to make sure the server is taken care of," Wilcox said, "and make sure the server wasn't treated badly or insufficiently tipped." He explained that they would be asking Breanna, the server named on the receipt, if she recalled the table and how her service was. "If her service was up to the level" they assume their employees would deliver, Wilcox said, "they would do everything they can to make it up to her somehow." Referring to online comments posted about the receipt, Wilcox remarked, "people are asking us to ban the person from the restaurant -- if more information came through on who the person is I first would love to talk to him."

You don't want to jump to any conclusions until all the facts are in.
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Mark Byron's Facebook Posts About Estranged Wife Lead To Odd Choice

Free speech. It's getting scary out there.
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Nelson Mandela Hospitalized With Stomach Ailment


He paved the way for many.
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Brett Ratner And The Oscars: Should He Have Resigned And Would You Have Watched If He Hadn't? (POLL)

Oh gosh! Good lord! When articles like the one referenced below stop appearing then maybe society will be in a better place.
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Afghanistan Protests Over Quran Burnings Continue

Why would US soldiers burn the Koran? Are they that juvenile? Why would anyone want to burn a religious text?
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'Modern Family' Virgin Territory: Did TV Show's Teen Sex Plot Go Too Far? (VIDEO)

The author writes, "The problem I have with this is that I don't believe that every 17-year-old is out there having sex, is ready to have sex or needs to feel that 17 is the appropriate age to have sex because he or she saw it on prime-time TV."

Amen! So true. People wake up! Sex isn't a game you play. Although, unfortunately, at the rate society is going it will be.
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Academy Awards 2012: Gay Reasons To Watch The Oscars

"The glamour! The A-list stars! The after parties!

These are just three of the many reasons the Academy Awards are often jokingly referred to as "the gay man's Super Bowl."

Had Roland Martin, the CNN commentator, made the comment jokingly of course "The gay man's Super Bowl" would there be a protest? I think as a society we have to stay away from such innuendos. It's too damn confusing.
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John Kelly, Oak Lawn Baseball Coach, Suspended Over Whitney Houston N-Word Facebook Comment

The coach said, "didn't even realize I put [the epithet] in until after I sent it." LOL! Well where did the word come from? Old Freudian slip? The N-word will ruin more careers and lives in the coming years.

Folks just stop using the word. I hear children black, white, red, yellow, blue, green etc., using the N-word so freely. What is its attraction? I bet you anything if a fight broke out between the rainbow colored friends and one is called the N-word it would be on.

I am not saying censure the word, but all must know it isn't a nice word.

"and we are not saved..."
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NYPD Defends Tactics Over Mosque Spying; Records Reveal New Details On Muslim Surveillance

I am not at all surprised these groups are being watched. And now that this report is out they know they are being watched (thanks HP).

What's the big deal here? There are American Muslims (black, white, yellow, blue, green). There are even jewish and christian Muslims think Sean Stone (Oliver Stone's son). And they all attend different Mosque in and around New York City and other places. Islam is not a race but a religion. Unfortunately, in the mix of things are bad elements like any other religion or group of people- be it Christian, Protestant or Catholic. If you smell or see something you monitor and investigate.

We got to stop looking at these events and thinking groups are unfairly being singled out and monitored. This isn't the 70's or 80's. Globalization has brought different challenges and we must be diligent in our efforts to make certain law biding citizens are protected against those who seek to cause harm.
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jim DeMint: Mitch Daniels Is The 'Only One' Who Could Emerge As GOP Nominee From Convention

No Mitch Daniels isn't likely to be the GOP candidate. The likely candidate is either Romney, Santorum or Gingrich. And by a long shot Paul.

Keep wishing DeMint!
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Jeremy Lin, Knicks Guard, Discusses Religion, Being A Role Model

Jeremy Lin on being a role model and his game:

"In terms of being a role model, I just want to make sure I live and play in a God-glorifying way," Lin told the media during his postgame press conference. "I just want to kind of just be myself and obviously inspire other kids. But, at the same time, to have them not necessarily want to be me but to try to be themselves and to try to chase their dreams and passions, whether it is basketball or not basketball. Whatever it is, just to enjoy and have fun doing it versus feeling pressured to succeed."

I am hooked! This kid is great!
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Sami Khedira Girlfriend Lena Gercke's Nude Photo Leads To Publisher's Arrest In Tunisia

LOL! Secularism out and replaced with ultra-Islamic conservatism. Next stop Egypt and then Libya. This is what democracy look like? I don't hardly think so.
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Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart Grills Chris Christie On Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

Jonathan should put the question on gay marriage to the president Why go after Christie who is saying he would support a referendum if put on the ballot. I understand why many don't want on a ballot. I wouldn't want Civil Rights placed on a ballot. But more importantly, what has the President said about gay marriage? The president is still evolving.

I personally, feel that if gay marriage is going to be legalized it should be done so at the federal level. You can't have one state recognizing the union and others not. At some point this debate has to end.

Here is a question what is marriage compared to a civil union if under the law both you get the same rights? Is marriage a religious ceremony or is it an event an institution set-up by man?
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Yazeed Mohammed A. Abunayyan Arrested On Continental Flight For 'Singing Of Bin Laden'

It only takes one person to miss it up for everyone else. Now every Arabian or Middle Eastern looking individual will be given a second look when boarding a plane.

That being said, I do recall reading somewhere this young man had some mental issues. That should have been reported with the story. Though one would say anyone behaving as he had has a few screws loose.
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Newt Gingrich Calls Obama An 'Extremist' Who Supported 'Infanticide' At GOP Debate

Funny how commentators have moved from calling Gingrich mean-spirited to a statesman. Santorum on the other hand they say isn't ready for the big league. LOL!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chris Christie's High Profile Absence From Mitt Romney Campaign Keeps Speculation Alive

Wait just a darn minute. The man is a governor; he can't also be with Romney all the time. If Christie was touring around with Romney you folks would say he is angling for the VP slot. This is the media being speculative and starting rumors. The media did the same thing with the campaign for President Obama to dumb VP Biden for Hillary Clinton. Just stop the BS and report the news and leave the speculative BS to tabloid journalism _ unless the main stream media identifies as tabloid journalism.
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Marie Colvin Dead: American War Reporter Killed In Syria (VIDEO)

Simply horrible, but the US should not get involved alone. What are the other countries in the region doing?
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'Morning Joe' Contributor Jeffrey Sachs Shouts At Joe Scarborough: 'Listen To Me Once!' (VIDEO)

So sad. US politician is the cheapest investment in the US right now. Romney has been trying to buy the election with his personal wealth. Gingrich has a billionaire pimping him out. Santorum is looking for a sugar daddy. Meanwhile at the White House if you can't beat'em join'em as they solicit money from any and everybody including a baby's milk money. Welcome to American Politics.

"and we are not saved..."
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The President Sings The Blues

Gainesville High School Students' Racist YouTube Rant Forces Girls To Leave School, Apologize (VIDEO)

Let me start by saying this video is sad. You will probably find a lot of horrible images on youtube.

Now more importantl­y, is it the messengers or the delivery of the video? The difference between blacks and Ni***** where did it come from? I don't think these girls are any more racist than rappers singing about Ni*****.

This is a result of pop culture MTV and BET.

This is a perfect opportunit­y to learn from. I am sure some talk show will interview these kids. And the responses the girls are getting. Horrible!
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Westchester Superintendent Charged With Sodomizing Tenant's Dog

So sick and sad.
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