Saturday, March 31, 2012

What Happened To Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

While we wait to see if Angela Corey, the Florida special prosecutor appointed to investigate the Trayvon Martin murder case, will ask for the arrest of George Zimmerman, some have already pronounced their verdict guilty without even having his day in court. Tried in the court of public opinion based on innuendos, inaudible 911 tapes, not certain eye witnesses, certain eye witnesses, grainey videotapes and- Oh skin color perceptions. In essence, those finding Zimmerman guilty are doing exactly what was done to blacks _  down through the years _ found guilty based on perception and without a fair trial.   Yes, this is all in the United States of America where not too long ago we elected the first black president and told ourselves we were over the racial issues that so deeply divided us.  

Naturally there are two-sides to every story, but if you ask Toure, a seemingly journalist(?), only one-side of the story is worthy to be told. Not only that, the story of Trayvon Martin can only be told by blacks and others who are willingly to find Zimmerman guilty as charged without a fair trial.  

What happened to Trayvon Martin is horrible!  It is awful! No parent black, white, yellow or brown should have to go through what Trayvon's parents are enduring.  But similarly, no parent should have to sit by and watch as lynch mobs form and demand the head of their child without a fair trial _regardless of what perception seems to be or injustices of the past. 

We have seen and heard the videos of what happened that tragic night in February. We have seen the anguish of Trayvon's parents, but have we gotten to the point in the US that justice shouldn't prevail?  An even important question is when did journalists become vigilantes?   Maybe, we are misidentifying them. These aren't journalists after the truth but rather commentators out for ratings - playing on our emotions.

"and we are not saved..."

Friday, March 30, 2012

Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Was 'Jekyll And Hyde,' Former Co-Worker Says

Interesting how the nations first introduction of Zimmerman looks like a mugshot of him in what looks like an orange jail suit. We have to be better than this.
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Soledad O'Brien On 'Beyond Trayvon,' Her Special About Trayvon Martin

I have liken Trayvon's case to Rosa Parks sometime ago. Those not familiar with the comparison should know that Rosa Parks wasn't the only person who suffered injustices which galvanized the Civil Rights movement. There were others, however, because the "others" had minor law infractions or questionable backgrounds their injustices weren't put out front. It took a woman like Rosa Parks, whose background was squeaky clean and she was respected in her community, to put the injustices on the map.
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Keith Olbermann Fired By Current TV; Replaced By Eliot Spitzer

I will probably start watching Current TV now. Eliot Spitzer is good and can be great if Current allows him to be himself.

As for Olbermann, the man is a train wreck and out for himself. It is high time his followers accept the fact and move on.

"It (Current TV) granted him the title of Chief News Officer, gave him an equity stake in the company, and promised that his uncompromising brand of television was more than welcomed there. Announcing the beginning of the partnership, Al Gore said that he was "extremely honored and delighted" that Olbermann was joining him, and called it "a great fit in every way."
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Monday, March 26, 2012

A New Heart For Dick But Did He Deserve It?

We recently learned that  Dick Cheney, the former vice president to President George Bush, received a new heart. While many thought Dick never worked with a real heart, he has, however, always had a heart but a bad heart (no pun intended).   He has had five heart attacks. The first one being when he was 37-years old.

It seems Dick didn't get any preferential treatment in getting his heart. He waited 20 months before one became available.  Now that he has a new heart and a seemingly new lease on life some are asking did he deserve it? After all, he is 71 years-old.  Is it possible the heart he received would have been more beneficial for a person who was much younger?  If so, who gets to decide how young is young?  This would raise the question of death panels ( a team of physicians and nurses deciding who would benefit from such a procedure). It isn't as easy to figure out or decided as some may think.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Melissa Harris-Perry Mocks Geraldo Rivera For Trayvon Martin Hoodie Comments (VIDEO)

Melissa mocks Geraldo, yet during a rally Sunday in NYC Joelette Crawford explained to her son "that some people draw conclusions about others based on skin color, gender, clothing, and all sorts of arbitrary things. Those conclusions can hurt people's feelings. And sometimes they cost lives."

I didn't make this up. I got it from a story on HP. So we're either going to speak the truth or continue to live a lie. Why else are people asking others to wear "hoodies" to remember Trayvon? Don't allow Trayvon's death to be in vain simply because we refuse to see the truth or don't like the way the messenger told the truth. No one is saying Trayvon wasn't stalked because of his skin color, but the hoodie also played a part. Horrible incidents like this will continue to happen until we accept the full story. It's not pretty it's UGLY but don't try and water it down or silence it.
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Melissa Harris-Perry Mocks Geraldo Rivera For Trayvon Martin Hoodie Comments (VIDEO)


I was really disappointed to hear your "MHP dress code for black safety" on your show Sunday morning.

I cannot count the many times my mother, aunts, uncles and others have questioned my choice of attire as a young man growing up. "Are you sure you want to wear that going out of the house?" They would ask. "Be careful."

Apparently you and others want to politicize Mr. Geraldo's comments. Perhaps he didn't say it the way you would have liked him to say it, but doggonit he said it! And he was right on the money!

Read below. You apparently aren't aware of these incidents.
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Melissa Harris-Perry Mocks Geraldo Rivera For Trayvon Martin Hoodie Comments (VIDEO)

Are you folks on drugs? Think racial profiling and the factors that make it up!

What Geraldo said isn't the most popular thing but it is TRUE! The same way blacks are profiled because of their skin color- throw the clothes factor in as well. Gangsta attire, saggy pants and a swag walk will get you pulled over even if you have a pedigree degree. WAKE UP! If I am lying google the stereotypes and read it for yourself. Why do you think Bill Cosby and others were admonishing black youths to dress and act appropriately? Are blacks and others so much in denial they can't see the truth.

To be clear, people should be able to wear what they want, but when you are black or hispanic you better be careful what you put on and walk out the door wearing for you might not come back home.
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Geraldo Rivera: Trayvon Martin's 'Hoodie Is As Much Responsible For [His] Death As George Zimmerman'

It is a harsh reality, but Geraldo makes a valid point. We can no longer hide from the truth. Understand what Geraldo is saying. Trayvon or any person should be allowed to wear whatever they want, but unfortunately in a society were certain clothing is indentified with crime you can't. Let's pull down the curtains and face the facts.
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Obama On Trayvon Martin Case: 'If I Had A Son, He'd Look Like Trayvon'

Powerful comment from the President! So much needs to be changed. This is 2012 and we are still dealing with racial issues. The death of Trayvon Martin is like the death of Civil Rights activist from the 60's all over again.
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My Son Would Look Like Trayvon Martin

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ann Romney: 'I Laughed' At Robert DeNiro's 'White First Lady' Joke

Ann is right on the money! "I laughed," Romney said in a Thursday interview on CNN with Piers Morgan. "You know what, I took it for what it was: a joke. And you know, again, we take everything so seriously. We have to be so correct and everyone's got to apologize, and I can say, you know what, I can laugh at it."

Had a Republican said the White House wasn't ready for 4 more years of a black first lady this site and others leaning left would have blown up the internet looking for different racism angles.
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Dharun Ravi, Rutgers Webcam Defendant, Says He's 'Sorry About Tyler'

This is a horrible situation and while Mr. Ravi feels that his actions had nothing to do with Mr. Clementi committing suicide _ to me that's the problem. When you are bullying someone, you never think your actions will cause harm. The bully feels he is immune to any punishment and his actions go unaccountable. Let this serve as a lesson to all who think like Mr. Ravi.

This verdict is a teachable moment and one the media should not try and diminish by doing reports to make Mr. Ravi seem contrite and innocent. Mr. Ravi got what he deserves.
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Student Threatens Evolution Class: 'I Will Kill The F*** Out Of You' (NSFW VIDEO)

This is s sad day for HP to run this story and on a prior story make ascertains that a CNN journalist used the "N" word.

What is happening in society? This students seems to be under the influence or has mental problems. I wonder what happened prior to this incident?

"and we are not saved..."
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Deryl Dedmon Pleads Guilty In Mississippi Hate Crime Hit-And-Run Of James Craig Anderson

"and we are not saved..."

Wake-up America! Yes we have a black president, but racism still exist.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We Are Trayvon Martin

Hunted, stalked and killed at 17. Where is the outrage by all?
"and we are not saved..."

Friday, March 16, 2012

Are Voters Stupid, Or Are They Just Routinely Subjected To Terrible Political Reporting?

From reading this article I wouldn't say voters are stupid. I do think, however, they are subject to terrible political reporting (if you can call it that).
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Toni Morrison Cancels Plans To Write Memoir

Toni Morrison is a magnificent author!
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Racist Anti-Obama Sticker Makes Rounds On Facebook

Racism will never die as long as there are people living.

"and we are not saved..."
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Jon Stewart Criticizes Fox News For Limbaugh Double Standard (VIDEO)

Too funny how there is only one right leaning cable news station and just about 4 or so left leaning stations, and still the left can't get it right (regarding its message). They and their cronies keep trying to silence the right (so it seems).

If the right commentators/pundits aka journalist can't get the message across, send out the comedians or disc jockey's. LOL!

While on the right, when they can't get their message out there they look to the shock jocks to carry the baton.

The discourse in American politics has reached a new high and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

"and we are not saved..."
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MSNBC Team Jokes About Rick Santorum 'Three-Way,' Debates Handsomeness Of GOP Candidates (VIDEO)

O'Donnell, Maddows and Heilemann comments give new meaning to a play on words. But let's face it they are commentators or pundits at best and not journalists.
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Majority Thinks Rush Limbaugh Should Be Fired For Sandra Fluke Comments: Poll

Is the poll indicative of his loyal listeners of almost 20 million strong or part of those who don't like Rush and only listen to him to find fault? That number by the way is hugely important to advertisers.
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Occupy Wall Street In NYC On Pace To Run Out Of Money By End Of Month

"The success of the movement has never depended on money," Occupy Wall Street spokesman Ed Needham said." Really??????

There could be misappropriations of funds going on. OWS should get a leader and become organized. I hate to say it but the Teaparty movement never encountered these types of problems- on a large scale. If there were any problems with the Teaparty movement, the media would have been all over it!
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Megyn Kelly: Sandra Fluke 'Would Have Us Believe She Is A Victim' (VIDEO)

Megyn raises some good points. If this wasn't a political season Rush's comments (as rude as they were and always are) would have gone silently unnoticed. The same way Bill Maher's comments go unnoticed and other comments by Limbaugh.
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Kony 2012 Video Draws Criticism In Uganda

People always have an angle for doing what they do. You never can tell the motive. In the process innocent lives are destroyed and sometimes killed.

"and we are not save..."
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Black Unemployment Grows, Even As Economy Adds Jobs

Have the numbers for African American unemployment ever been lower than any other group since the numbers were reported?
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NYPD Surveillance: New Documents Further Confirm Spying Focused Specifically On Muslims

I thought it was established in a previous article on HP that the surveillance was focused on Muslims. What is the issue now?
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Jim Inhofe Is 'Big Oil's Top Call Girl'

Why don't we just do a user guide on what you can and can not say? With a follow-up manual listing who you can say things to and who you can't. Also add a section on racism and sexualism and be done with it? I'm sure I missed something. Any suggestions?
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Obama Harvard Video Released, Shows Young Obama At 1991 Protest For Derrick Bell, Diversity

Non-issue. To me this is political. People change. There are some Republicans who use to be Democrats. Similarly, there are Democrats who are now Republicans. The president might have had certain views 20 year ago and evolved and change or modified those views. What's at issue is can the President do his job effectively? Does he deserve four more years? I have long ago said Barack Obama was not vetted, as he should have been. Now instead of looking back, lets look ahead and judge him based on what he has done.
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Leslie Rainer, Blanche Ely Teacher, Suspended For Calling Student 'Little Chocolate Boy', 'Chocolate Nobody Wanted' (WATCH)

Racism goes across all in the human race.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday Results 2012: Live Updates

Had Gingrich been on all of the state ballots he probably would have sealed the deal by now. Romney just doesn't have what it takes to get his base to rally behind him. The media surely prefers him over Gingrich and Santorum. Romney just can't pull it off.
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Ron Paul Struggles As Super Tuesday Results Come In

Here is how the media is bias. I am yet to read or hear a story about Ron Paul's less than stellar attire. His close are hideous! Why can't the man purchase a descent suit or pair of loafers? This look is not endearing him into the hearts of the poor.

Here is were the bias comes in, if he were a woman running for office the media would have already ripped him to shreds.
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Kirk Cameron Responds To Criticism For Homosexual Remarks Made In Piers Morgan Interview

The problem with society nowadays is we preach inclusion and then we try and silence a few if they don't agree with our view. Pierce Morgan asked Kirk Cameron a question (being fully aware of what the answer was going to be). Morgan also knew it would create a fire storm.
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Barbara Bush: 2012 Campaign The 'Worst' I've Ever Seen

I think 2008 was one of the worst. The race between Clinton and Obama (and Chris Matthews).
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Bill Maher's New Rule For Craigslist (VIDEO)

Bill Maher is no better than Rush Limbaugh.
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Barack Obama Scolds GOP Candidates For 'Casualness' In Talking About War With Iran

I saw the exchange and it was superb and right on target. Too many people talk war and are oblivious, so it seems, of the causalities of war. Every night the media show us pictures of the innocent being killed in Syria trying to illicit outrage so that people will demand we intervene. NO WAY! America has sacrificed too much already. We can not go at this alone.

The Arab League should send an envoy to Syria to counsel their president.
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Minority Students Face Harsher Discipline, Fewer Options, New Federal Data Shows

LOL! This is something many have known for sometime. The same study can be applied to our penal system. The real story is why hasn't it changed?
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Rush Limbaugh Advertisers Keep Leaving Show In Wake Of Sandra Fluke Comments

I wonder what Rush Limbaugh is thinking now? Is he doing a post-mortem? I wonder if he wishes he were Bill Maher?
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Rick Santorum at Penn State: 'Rooster' Liked To Chug

Oh please that was than and this is now. The man had an evolution of sorts or an epiphany (I guess). And besides isn't that the flavor of the day, have as much fun as possible.

Santorum's thought process is the old do as I say and not as I do. He has learned better now that he is older and perhaps wiser.
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Occupy Oakland Protesters Charged With Hate Crime, Robbery

It only takes a few to miss up the entire movement, however, in this case it was more than a few. I always said occupy wall street's message has been lost in translation. They need a leader to lead and guide _ to keep them focused. Every movement encounters wayward members. With a leader you are able to hopefully bring them back into the fold.
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Muslims Rally In Support Of NYPD Mosque Surveillance Program

Muslims rallying against radicals? Man! This should have made the front page of HP.
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Pat Robertson: Tornadoes Could Have Been Stopped If People Had Prayed (VIDEO)

Attention Rev. Robertson the Bible clearly tells us that God want us to prosper and have good success. As for the tornado, uh... nature just happens.
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George Will Condemns GOP Over Sandra Fluke Response: 'Republican Leaders Are Afraid Of Rush Limbaugh' (VIDEO)

This gives new meaning to kicking a man when he is down. I think now might be the time for the GOP to kick Rush, for I doubt he will come out against them. If he does, sic the advertisers on him. That being said "Go GET HIM!"

Pretty soon we could hear someone yelling "TIMBER!" or "UNCLE!"
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Ebony Magazine Debuts Special Whitney Houston Commemorative Issue (PHOTO)

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Oprah Interviewing Bobbi Kristina: LaToya Jackson Weighs In On 'The Talk' (VIDEO)

Latoya is right on the money regarding kids being resilient. I lost my sister to cancer. She had two teenage daughters. While I was hurt and sadden, the girls were resilient and carried on. Sure they were grief stricken but they had the memories to carry them on.

As for the interview, I agree with her also, it is best to get in front and control what damage you can as oppose to allowing rumors (which will circulate anyway) to grow. It will also, hopefully, stop other pesky reporters from hounding the family for interviews.
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Sandra Fluke Dismisses Rush Limbaugh's Apology

"I don't think that a statement like this, issued saying that his choice of words was not the best, changes anything. Especially when that statement is issued when he's under significant pressure from his sponsors, who have begun to pull support from his show," Fluke said.

Fluke should accept the apology but not forget and move on. Rush has given the democrats a gift that will keep on giving until the Dems slip.
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Female Veterans Call For Military Radio Channel To Drop Rush Limbaugh After 'Slut' Remark

Rush and the gift he never intended to give to the Democrats. It could cause him his career. Ouch!
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Don Imus Calls Rush Limbaugh An 'Insincere Pig' For 'Vile, Personal Attack' On Sandra Fluke

Imus waving a finger at Rush for being as he says "vile"? Well, Imus should know. He has stepped in dodo before himself.
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Chris Wallace: Fox News Does Cover Contraception (VIDEO)

I bet you anything some companies that don't want to cover contraception in their insurance polices have a liberal or democratic stance.

Let's check out the insurance policies of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC.
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