Saturday, June 30, 2012

Joe Williams, Politico Reporter, Out Of A Job Following Controversial Mitt Romney Comments

What's wrong with the truth? Joe Williams called it the way he saw it and believed it to be. To be censured and then fired for the truth? Why is the media being so sensitive now days?
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama Responds To Supreme Court Health Care Ruling (VIDEO)

Obama must and should ride this win all the way to the White House. He must now start talking about his accomplishments. Another democrat changing the landscape of America like FDR. Historic.

For the naysayers...the economy will bounce back and now a someone will live to see it come back.
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Lawmakers Delete Tweets In The Wake Of Confusing Coverage Of Health Care Ruling

Let's face it many (Dems, Repubs and Independs) thought the SCOTUS would be political and rule against health care, but reason and not politics stepped in and saved many lives.
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John Roberts Outrages Conservatives In Health Care Ruling

Chief Justice Roberts did his job and for that many should be thankful. No politics on his part.
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Obama Believed Early Reports That Supreme Court Had Declared Individual Mandate Unconstitutional

Doing the right thing never meant so important.
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Supreme Court Health Care Decision: Individual Mandate Survives

Millions will now live another day and perhaps years.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Health Care As A Privilege: What The GOP Won't Admit

Further evidence that a vote for Mitt is a vote for stagnation and no improvement more blame game. I think I will pass. I don't care to hear Mitt and company complain that they can't get things moving in the right direction because of the prior administration. Plus the US isn't some company you can slice, dice and sell off to shore up the balance sheet. Not a big fan of all that President Obama has done or not done, but come on it takes more than 4 years to get things really moving.
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Friday, June 22, 2012

What Is Sarcoidosis? Lung Disease Rates Much Higher Than Previously Thought, Study Finds

The more you know.
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Supreme Court Health Care Decision May Put Sickest Americans At Risk

I bet if you take away health care for Congress (which the people pay for with tax payer dollars) and that of the Supreme Court what you bet Congress comes up with a health care plan and the Supreme Courts upholds it. Either that or neither would want the jobs. Politics!
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18 Percent Of Republicans: Obama's Muslim

And if Obama is a Muslim so what?! Romney is a mormon. Freedom of religion.
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Robin Roberts, Mary J. Blige Share Touching Moment Over MDS Diagnosis (VIDEO)

Robin Roberts rocks and Mary J. Blige is coming full circle.
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Karen Klein Bullies Apologize: Boys Express Their Regret On Anderson 360 (VIDEO)

Adults don't respect authority and neither do children. Society needs to send a strong message that this type of behavior is not tolerated. Really sad how society and morals have declined.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obama Campaign Expects $100 Million Month From Mitt Romney

Ouch! And Obama out spent McCain in 2008. What happened to all the college students from 2008? Oh, they are in the unemployment line. Rally on Obama! Americans buying elections.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Obama Bundlers From 2008 Disappear In 2012 Campaign Fundraising

With friends like the bundlers who needs enemies? Way back in 2008 I said these fat cats were only attaching their wagon to Obama to milk him for fame, fortune and notoriety. Just watch the books that will come out of this administration.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

What It Will Mean If The Supreme Court Strikes Down Obamacare

The country had nothing than a little of something which could go back to nothing. We have to start somewhere. Obama's health care isn't the best thing going, but folks we have to put something in place. End all the wars and use that money. We are having a national crisis use that money. Use something, but keep health care.
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chicago Homicide Rate Worse Than Kabul, Up To 200 Police Assigned To High-Profile Wedding (VIDEO)

And that crime rate in Chicago is in the black and brown communities. Jesse Jackson hails from Chicago. Why isn't he marching in the streets demanding these hoodlums to end the violence? Why isn't Al Sharpton using his show on MSNBC to speak out against the violence? Throwing money at the problem won't help. Giving Jackson or Sharpton money or favors won't help. Having a black or white president won't help. What will help is accepting the fact that blacks (and maybe some whites) in Chicago must decide enough is enough! We are taking back our community and streets!
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Roberto Unger, Obama's Former Harvard Law School Professor, Says The President 'Must Be Defeated'

Professor Unger: "He (Obama) has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States." What the heck is this man thinking and where has he been living the past eight years. Did he hear or read about the president's stance on "gay marriage" and "children born to illegal aliens". The president's health care plan isn't stellar but darnit! it is a start.

The problem with some professors is they have their heads so far up academia until they can't see the light of day. Perhaps putting down those books and milling around regular folks could do him some good.
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Race Matters: Why Gallup Poll Finds Less Support For President Obama

Race mattered in 2008, but when polled, people lied. They didn't want to seem racist. Four years later they are doing the same thing but are able to hide their true feelings behind the president's performance.

Honestly, it takes more than four years to dig the economy out of the mess it was placed in eight years prior. But Obama came in preaching a message of hope and urgency of now. Many were skeptical, but once the media gave the ok all hitched their wagon to his message. Sorry to say but substantively Obama really wasn't a strong candidate. What he had going for him was popularity and young people who voted for him in droves (the ignorance of the youth) thinking they were better than their wise parents (who followed that vote lest they appear racist). We all know he had a majority of the black vote and a few other minorities (gays, hispanics etc). All that was left the liberals & dangerous independents, who seem to vote with the wind (but will deny it). In the end, what we had the perfect storm.

That being said I believe Obama should get a 2nd term. Why vote in a new administration for change? All that will happen in a new administration is time spent reversing small gains the current has made. The economy remains stagnate.

Not voting for Obama because he hasn't done anything to help the economy is fair, but is it truthful or is it about race?
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sheldon Adelson To Lavish $71 Million In Casino Money On GOP Super PACS, Nonprofits

And all this talk about the Dems raising money with celebs. Heck! Both the Dems and Repubs have their cash cows to help them buy a seat in the White House. Thank you US Supreme Court.
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama Immigration Speech: Reporter Neil Munro Interrupts, Heckles President During Remarks (VIDEO)

The reporters action is the reason many distrust journalist among other things.
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Obama Administration To Stop Deporting Younger Undocumented Immigrants And Grant Work Permits

I hope all those benefitting from this decision head to the polls in November and take someone with them to vote (of course those that are registered).
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'Moneyball' Godfather Bill James Tackles Politics In Super PAC Age

Romney's idea of stimulating the economy and creating jobs: Cut social programs, under fund many agencies and if that doesn't work start slashing jobs all over the place. If that doesn't work, blame the previous administration. I don't think so. Show me what you got. Obama's plan? Help people understand it is a global thing. The US can't rebound until Europe is on steady grounds and oftentimes its cyclical the economy has its ebbs and flows (reality). It takes more than four years to undo what was done in eight.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Birth Of 'Dear White People'

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Eastern Technology High School Students Suspended After Drawing Racist Picture Involving Obama, Posting It To Twitter

Freedom? Some say racist.

It is time to have an open discussion and time out on race. We have seen famous white entertainers use the N* word and given a pass. Others have used it and been almost slaughtered. TIME OUT! Let's really discuss racism the past, present and future. The discussion must include blacks, whites, brown, red, yellow and whatever else is out there.
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How Obama Became Black

How he became black? We can probably thank the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
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White House Photos: Behind The Scenes Look At President Obama

Nice pictures.
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Obama Speech Highlights 'Fundamentally Different Views' From Mitt Romney

Obama forget about Romney. Tell the people you are one of them. Let them see you as a man. Your coolness will not help you this time around. It is time to get serious. Show yourself with your children with babies. Show the people who you are.

I wonder if Jeremiah Wright is laughing at Obama now?
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Richard Haste, NYPD Cop Who Killed Unarmed Teen Ramarley Graham, Pleads Not Guilty To Manslaughter (PHOTOS)

What the hell was the cop running in the house after the kid for? Trust me it wasn't worth all that. Now look at what has happened. The police are there to protect and to serve. Every so often you get a few rogues or over the top characters and they put a stain on the entire force.
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Anonymous Democrats Agree With Other Anonymous Democrat That It's Time To Freak Out

Now the truth comes out. Some democrats were really never behind Obama. They saw a skin color and an eloquent voice and jumped on the bandwagon. Look back in time. From day one, when Obama entered the White House certain democrats have tried to undermine him at every angle. They never really thought much of his leadership skills and probably thought he would be a puppet and they the puppet master. Now the truth comes out. Obama will be a one termer if he doesn't wake the heck up and get speaking heads who can turn this thing around for him.

For all the good he has done for gays, the elderly, the uninsured, young people. minorities (women and ethnicities etc) these people should be running, racing even to get the votes out. Entertainers can't win elections.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Max Page, Volkswagen's Darth Vader Boy, To Undergo Open Heart Surgery

Bless him. He was such a star in the commercial.
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Rick Scott: Florida Suing Federal Government Over Voter Purge

Suing??? Aren't there better ways to spend the people's money besides frivolous lawsuits? Don't get me wrong if the voters records need to be updated _ update them, but going on a witch hunt to eliminate qualified voters or intimidate legally registered voters is not democracy. The US voter system is becoming a farce worse than a third world country.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Supreme Court Declines Guantanamo Bay Cases: It's Been 4 Years Of Silence

Let's see if we can make Gitmo 100 years of solitude, for I am sure the High Court has other pressing matters to tend to like health care.
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Rick Santorum, Least Convincing Surrogate Ever, Offers Tepid Romney Support

With all the acrimony during the Republican Primaries, I can't believe Santorum Or Gingrich would be speaking heads for Romney. A tepid endorsement in itself is asking a lot.
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Robin Roberts MDS: 'GMA' Co-Host Announces She Has Bone Marrow Disease, Will Undergo Transplant (VIDEO)

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Marijuana Decriminalization: Efforts To Relax Pot Rules Gaining Momentum In U.S.

Do you really think lessening the charge will save black and brown people? Heck no! It will only allow white people to get stoned more while black and brown people continue to commit crimes and be marginalized. This act isn't a saving grace to no one but whites.
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Anthony Sanchez Arrested: Man Allegedly Whipped Stepson During Game Of Catch (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Whipping the boy for failure to catch the ball is a bit excessive, but to charge the man with a felony is also excessive. What is interesting is if the players were reversed and the kid was black and the person doing the whipping a white cop I doubt charges would have been filed so immediately. Why would a person post the video on You-tube? The family of the kid should sue for invasion of privacy.
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Obama: 'The Private Sector Is Doing Fine' [UPDATED]

Run all the side pieces you want on Romney. Obama will lose this election if the Dems don't get behind him. I see a lot of lip service but no real action. I think those who supported him in 2008 because he was black and was cool (admit the truth) now see it takes more than being cool, black and with a swag to run the country.

I will ask again, where are all those kids who saw a future in Obama? Why aren't they out there now supporting their man? Well it's because they are in the unemployment line and angry.

There is no reason why Mitt Romney should be eating so close to the president's toes. A damn shame!
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Obama Campaign Admits Fundraising Defeat In May

All the groups he has helped better start shelling out the doe or face the consequences in November. Blacks, gays, women and whomever else he has helped the past few years better start getting out the vote or face a setback of what has been accomplished so far.
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Gwyneth Paltrow Tweet: Star Tweets Uninteresting Photo From 'Iron Man 3' Set Amid Controversy Over Use Of N-Word

Please! You want her to stop using the word? First tell black and brown people to stop using it. Rappers have glorified the word and now people are up in arms. No one group owns the word.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hama Massacre: Qubair, Syria, Site Of Fresh Violence, According To Unconfirmed Reports

You want a massacre? Look at the number of blacks being killed in Chicago on a monthly basis. The only time a black person's death matters is when it involves the police giving the impression that a black killed at the hands of another black is ok. Every life is precious.
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Barack Obama Leads Mitt Romney Narrowly In New Poll

If President Obama doesn't win the election this fall does that mean the country never really lost its racist past, as some said it had when he was elected in 2008? I got to tell you from what I am reading on HP, Politico, Washington Post, NYT and watching on CNN, MSNBC and yes FOX (just one conservative news outlet), this presidential race could possibly bring out all types of foul and unpleasantries. How did we as a nation get here?
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