Monday, December 31, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Deal Growing More Likely, Would Raise $715 Billion In Revenue

The writers of this article and those providing the leaks are no better than the Republicans they blame for trying to make a deal. Oppose to bemoaning a fiscal cliff crisis why not accentuate the positive of a potential deal which is called Compromised. Do the American people gain if we fall over the cliff or is it a political gain. Let's report all the facts and not the scare'em wash'em up hogwash being reported.

My Gosh! Had Lincoln or Johnson had a 24 hour press like today slavery nor Civil Rights would have ever taken place. The media is in some cases is as bad as those they attempt to call out.
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U.S. Fiscal Cliff: Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell Speak In Hopes Of Reaching A Deal

Why all the negative terms in deal negotiations? "White House ready to cave?" How about: "White House willingly to go the limits to protect its citizens?" Man! So much negativity. Someone has to lose and someone win. Compromise folks! 24 hour media coverage is so toxic and deadly.
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hillary Clinton Admitted To New York Hospital With Blood Clot Following Concussion

I hope the knuckle heads at FOX news are embarrassed for saying she was lying about her concussion to keep from going before Congress over the Benghazi ordeal. Perhaps a firing is in order.
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Sgt. Nargas, Afghan Policewoman, Kills US Adviser In Kabul

I am surprised this story hasn't or didn't make headlines. Had an American been the culprit all you would hear is American bashing.

"and we are not saved..."
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

'SNL' Should Address Gun Control This Saturday Night

A comedy show? Yeah right. If politicians can't why should we believe SNL can? What about Glee, The Voice or XFactor or reality shows? The surely stand a better chance at making the case for gun control.
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Adam Lanza, Newtown School Shooter, Was 'Nerd,' Honors Student

Stop the violence.
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Bryan Fischer: God Did Not Protect Connecticut Shooting Victims Because Prayer Banned In Schools (VIDEO)

What do the studies show? When prayer was in school was there less violence? And I am referring to prayer of any type from any religion or non religion.
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jordan Davis Shooting Death Reignites 'Stand Your Ground' Law Repeal Push

Stop the madness!
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Besse Cooper Dead: World's Oldest Person Dies At 116

So that means Mrs. Gertrude Weaver in Camden assumes the title of the oldest living person.
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Fox News Pushing Karl Rove, Dick Morris Off The Air

Yes! Morris and Rove have lost all credibility and should be benched! It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
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New York Post Cover Shows Ki Suk Han, Man Run Over By Subway Train, Moments Before Death

It is unfortunate, but come on. We have seen worse. Think of the pictures of people killed overseas in war? What's the difference between those pictures and this one? I find it interesting the attempt by some to sanitize certain things and leave other things unsanitized.
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Jeffrey Hillman, Barefoot Homeless Man Given Boots By NYPD Cop, Isn't Actually Homeless

Wait a dog-gone-minute! Isn't it the job of the media to vet these stories before hyping them?
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grover Norquist: 'Tea Party Two Is Going To Dwarf Tea Party One' (VIDEO)

Readers do an online search of Norquist and you will see the kind of man he really is. Shady character.
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Susan Rice Keystone XL Attacks Put White House In A Bind

Please if it's not one thing it's another. All the noise over what Ambassador Rice said about Benghazi is misplaced frustration. Why isn't anyone (including the media) focusing on the State Department? The buck stops there? Rice seems to a distraction.

Side note: Jamie Dimon should not be nominated as Treasury Secretary. Talk about fox in the hen house.
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