Monday, May 27, 2013

Bob Dole: Congressional Gridlock 'Almost Unreal', GOP Should Be 'Closed For Repairs'

While some of Barack's positions seem a bit too liberal for some, one can not escape the subtle racial innuendos some on the other side are playing into.

There is no reason for a sequester to be lasting this long. There have been disagreements between the two parties in the past but this? What a sad moment in politics. History will judge harshly.
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Grant Acord, 17-Year-Old, Charged With Attempted Murder Over Plot To Blow Up High School

What is it that make young white males so violent to the point they want to harm others on large scales? This and black youths killing one another is worth a case study.
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Moms Working At Walmart Earn Less Than They Need To Feed Their Kids

Instead of bashing Wal-Mart why not attempt to establish a dialogue? Wal-Mart isn't a job where people will get rich. If you want that go into investment banking. And yes the company can do much better with the wages and benefits, but let's face it some of the workers are transient. For those workers who stay longer Wal-Mart should definitely recognize and pay them accordingly. But the constant bashing of the company when they do create jobs and attempt to keep product prices down is ridiculous. What about McDonalds, Burger King, Target, Kohls, etc?

130 million people shop at Wal Mart. Do we want the company to leave America?
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Chris Kluwe: Gay Rights Advocacy More Important To Me Than Football (VIDEO)

Did Brendon Ayanbadejo get all this coverage when he was released? Of course Ayanbadejo said his being released by the Ravens had nothing to do with him being outspoken for gay rights. I think some are reading to much in them being released. "Wanna be startin" something..."
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Brendon Ayanbadejo: Release Not Related To Gay Rights Support, 4 Players May Come Out Soon

Another player bites the dust:

Kluwe should be just as outspoken as he was with gay players and be honest on why he was let go so the conspiracy theories want take hold. If Brendon Ayanbadejo can speak out so can Kluwe.

I must say it is rather interesting how the media has played both releases on the down low. I wonder why?
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Outspoken Gay Rights Advocate Chris Kluwe Released From Minnesota Vikings

Oh please! Stop with the innuendos! The NFL of all the sports leagues (according to the media including HP) is ready for gay players. The timing, perhaps, is a coincidence that Kluwe was released, and he never once said his team or anyone in the NFL wanted to silence him. There are other outspoken players. Stop looking for the bad. From what I've been reading currently there are 4 gay NFL players looking to come out. We don't want to scare them with this story.
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Moment of Truth

Once again a black man (as history has shown us) puts it all out there and steps up to the plate for all. Who will benefit?
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Absent Father Wants To Repair His Relationship With His Children (VIDEO)

So why does Hollywood and pop culture seem to glamorize one parenthood households? Who suffers the black/hispanic family? But to speak about it isn't politically correct. Look at the number of teen pregnancies. Where are the high numbers? Families headed by single moms? Go to any middle school or high school and who is pregnant? Realities that many don't want to accept for whatever reason. These realities aren't stereotypes. They are realities of life.
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Dzhokhar And Tamerlan Tsarnaev Planned July 4th And Suicide Attacks, Opted For Pressure Cooker Bomb: Officials

OMG! So for all those out there saying Tsarnaev brothers were bumbling fools I guess they fooled you. The Tsarnaev brothers are/were evil and out to do great harm. They are radical and we the US (the western world) must accept the fact and wise up and stop being afraid we are offending! It is so easy for some to demonize christianity (which has its share of radicals), but we must also call it what it is when other radicals act out in violence. Stop being afraid to call an ace an ace and spade a spade! Being afraid to call them out is what radicals want!
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Robel Phillipos, Man Accused Of Lying After Boston Bombings, Seeks Release

Sorry kid (man), in the US we take lying seriously. You should have thought before you spoke. You attend a prestige school; you can't be that dense. There are many sitting in jail probably with the same story as this young man. You do the crime you do the time. We are living in difficult times. Let all beware. Punish him accordingly.
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Clarence Thomas: Obama Only President Because He's What 'Elites' Expect 'From A Black Person' (VIDEO)

You got to be kidding me???? A jab at Obama???? The media never ceases to amaze me at its attempt to turn stories around to its favor.

Let me suggest this: re-read this article again and then google/research the press from the pass six or so years on Obama (especially the stories from commentators on MSNBC and a few on CNN (black pundits) then look at FOX). One can also throw in the Op'd pages of major newspapers. Be truthful and honest then re-read this article. Next look at the press coverage of other blacks running for president.

The truth will set you free!
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