Monday, September 30, 2013

Obamacare Challenge Leaves Senate Scrambling, U.S. Government On Brink Of Shutdown

Does it ever stop? In another few years another administration enters the Hill and sore feelings will prevail and they will do the exact same thing as payback.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kevin McCarthy: Obamacare Will Be Tackled In Next Funding Bill If Senate Rejects This One

All of this because a few white men can't conceptualize how a President, whose polls ratings are low, can put together a healthcare plan that will cover millions and is the LAW. Sure the healthcare plan has its problems, but anything is better than nothing. Come on white men give it a break, don't make grandma and grandpa suffer because you can't play fair in the sandbox. You lost in 2008 and 2012. I hope this means those on the hill angling for a government shut down will lose their healthcare coverage and paychecks are stopped.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Kenya Mall Attack: Authorities Say They Control Most Of Complex

Americans possibly caused or causing this havoc? All the more reason to keep an eye on suspicious activity, but how do you define it?

Bring those guilty back to the US and punish them to the full extent of the law, better yet if the punishment is more severe in Nairobi, Kenya leave them there!
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bill Cosby Talks 'No-groes,' Black Leadership With CNN's Don Lemon (VIDEO)

Bottom line "Content of Character" and no excuses. I applaud Bill Cosby and his efforts. When you think about it all that his distractors have said and are saying isn't working. So why not try what Mr. Cosby and so many before him have advocated? All you have to fear is fear itself.
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

John Kerry: U.S., Russia Reach Deal On Syrian Chemical Weapons

This is what masterful and methodical diplomacy looks like. Show the threat of force and meet with key players (G20 Summit) away from the eyes/ears of the media. You look into the eyes of the adversary and let them know you mean business. You walk away knowing your point has been made. Being methodical you do what you have to do as a true leader, who does not want a conflict and place American lives in harms way. Meanwhile you are seen as uncertain by those who really don't know and never will know (though they claim to know) what it is like to wrestle with the tough decisions (but you have wrestled look at the grey/white in your hair). Slowly but surely you are avoiding a conflict and making things right. Sure those without access to classified information you have don't understand and will attack you, but you are the PRESIDENT, and you do what is best for the country and the world.

Even if your latest efforts have to be modified, extended or doesn't happen, history will say that you tried diplomacy putting the opposition on notice with the threat of force, to giving the people's representatives a chance to kick the can down the road. No Putin did not take the lead. He was given a role and rush to it making it seem he was out front, but all along was the understudy.

Thank you Mr. President and Mr. Secretary of State.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

UN Report To Confirm Chemical Weapons Used In Syria Attack As Ban Ki-Moon Accuses Assad Of Crimes Against Humanity

Ok. What more proof does the world need? This is unlike Iraq. Not to mention the Arab League is ok with an attack on Syria. What the hell is the problem? Someone is playing politics! History will judge this time very harshly. Even harsher then the attack on Iraq.

We Have Met the Enemy and he is Us: Pogo
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Ted Cruz Iowa GOP Reagan Dinner Tickets Are Now 25 Percent Off

Wait a minute was Ted Cruz born in the US? Is Ted Cruz an American? I want to see his birth certificate. Long form. #tedcruz #american
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UN Resolution On Syria Unlikely To Include Threat Of Force, Obama Administration Officials Say

Man what good is the UN? Really. Whenever something needs to be done the world doesn't run to the UN but the US. I say get rid of the UN. Evict them from the US. Its only purpose is to go against the US every chance possible all the while the world is crumbling down around us. It had its purpose back in the day but come on its 2013 Time for it to GO!
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Are Blacks Names ‘Weird,' Or Are You Just Racist?

I wouldn't say the names are any weirder than African, India, Chinese, Japanese American names. Or Gwinny Paltrow's kid Apple's name? As for racist? Where did that come from? Come on HP.
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UN Report To Confirm Chemical Weapons Used In Syria Attack As Ban Ki-Moon Accuses Assad Of Crimes Against Humanity

Ok. What Obama knew and some on the Hill from classified information. Now what? Man! Obama is masterful and methodical. All others eat crow while you continue to play politics. History will judge many harshly on this.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Plea for Caution From Russia

For one Putin is not our President and I find it interesting how he is trying to dictate how the American people should think. Americans should take issue with this man, who rigged his own election to regain the top spot. Even when he step down some years ago he put a puppet in his place to run things. I am amazed at how the media is allowing Putin to play them like a fiddle. The man keeps changing his mind yet the media backs him.

Putin is trying to grandstand for a bigger role on the world stage.
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Syria Diplomacy Efforts Intensify As Kerry Plans For Chemical Weapon Talks

One would think Congress and others would be praising the Pres for trying to go the peaceful route. First he wasn't doing anything and then he was doing too much to move to war to back to what is he waiting on? Can't you all see how you are being played like a yoyo by the media?

The President made a threat and Syria admitted to its discretion. To give Putin credit for something Obama did behind the scene is madness. Give the President credit. You folks weren't at the G20 Summit and to rely on Putin for accuracy, a man we know is known to lie, is incomprehensible.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Don Lemon On The Tom Joyner Morning Show: Journalist Calls Out The New Black Leaders

I understand what Mr. Lemon is saying. He is correct. Entertainers do have a major influence on some in the black community and others. That being said you have to still pick and choose. Rihanna isn't exactly a positive role model and neither is Gucci Mane (and a few others).

I think blacks (and others) should start looking at the content of character, that is what I believe King would be teaching today as well as Malcolm X and other Civil Rights leaders. Content of Character has diminished in just about every aspect in society.
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Syria Will Sign Chemical Weapons Convention, Declare Arsenal, Foreign Ministery Says

The methodical mind of President Obama. He played this well contrary to what media taking heads say or write. History will indeed judge him wisely and the media harshly.
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Syria Accepts Russian Proposal To Surrender Chemical Weapons, Foreign Minister Says

Obama masterfully and methodically (out of the hears and sights of the media) worked this out. He didn't just go to the G20 Summit to sit on his hands. He was cool calm and collective. No wonder he wasn't worried about Congress vote. Obama had all on the edge all the while knowing what was at play in the back ground.
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Obama On Syria Vote In Congress: 'I Wouldn't Say I'm Confident'

Now that the President is saying he is willing to see what Russia can do to get Syria to turnover its weapons, why are some still upset? Clearly the President, is playing his hand masterfully. He has Congress up against a wall. He goes to the G Summit and apparently, behind closed doors, twist the arm of Putin (funny how the US media believes everything Putin says now about Obama). Putin is now trying to talk to Syria for he apparently looked into the eyes of Obama and saw that Obama is willingly to take this down to the mat. So Putin has not choice but to put out. Can't you all see this? Nope to many want to count the President out. The same President who has kept this country safe and the same President who took out Bin Laden. Haven't you all learned anythingt? This President isn't so transparent as many would like to think, but he is methodical.
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Obama Sees Potential Breakthrough In Syria Chemical Weapons Idea, But Remains Skeptical

If Obama is able to pull this off, he is a methodical player. Applying the right amount of pressure while the world sits on pins and needles. He apparently knows just the right amount of pressure will produce what he wants (a little gas and then left up). He will have to be given credit by those who are doubters.
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Friday, September 6, 2013

Kenis Green, 12, Shot To Death In Detroit, Alvin Conwell Charged With Murder

Quiet as it is kept, as though a secret in the black community. Yet many see this on a daily basis and the only time it gets attention from some black leaders, who are out front, is when the perpetrator is white. So sad.

Content of character.
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Here's Why John Kerry's Vow Against 'War' In Syria Means Nothing (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

This is classic media propaganda, who have been hawkish for war for over two years. Now that the day of reckoning is upon us the media does a turnabout with its scary picture blitz. For two years the media questioned the president's stance on Syria (and other scrimmages around the world). And now he is stepping out there they slam him. What gives? This is the president you goons ushered in back in 2008 so deal with it! Get in line and support him and stop with the scare tactics!

For the record other countries are hesitant not because of the lack of respect for the president (shame on you for reporting such garbaged propaganda) but out of concern for what happened in Iraq. These countries were sold a bill of goods that wasn't true.

Lets report the facts and leave out the propaganda.
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China Calls For UN Role In Syria Crisis After U.S. Gives Up On Security Council

Is the UN a big wuss? China runs to the UN because they get oil form Syria and provide huge imports to the country. They don't want to stop that money spigot. Shame! Shame! Shame on China. Not to mention China could really careless (so it seems) on human rights violations. Just look at their record.

What is remarkable Arab countries are saying attack Syria, (something they don't usually do) and still the world can get its act together. Will this be another Rwanda?

Sure many are cautious after what happened in Iraq, but at some point in time all must get beyond this and do it for the good of the defenseless.
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Ruby Bridges Thanks Marshal Who Escorted Her To Previously All-White School (PHOTO)

That small child unknowingly carried a heavy weight on her shoulders and for blacks and others to seemingly forget by embracing words that were meant to destroy and not looking at the content of character is sad.
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

N-Word Deemed Unacceptable By NY Jury, But Will Verdict Impact Broader Use Of The Term? (TELL US)

Not a word from black leaders and not specials on cable news about this important verdict. I wonder why?

Racial issues will always exist until we are able to address issues like this.
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House Greets Syria War Resolution With Intense Skepticism; Vote Could Go Down

They voted to strike Iraq with little to no proof of weapons of mass destruction. Yet when there is evidence right in the faces of Congress some would refuse to help the people of Syria under the guise of "we aren't certain" or "we don't want war". Please! It isn't a war and you finally have the backings of some members of the Arab League (members who count) and still hesitant. I think this is more of a personal affront against the president. Some still can't get over the fact that he is president.

If this isn't a time to act when is? This matter falls at the feet of the entire world. We must not allow the mistakes of the Bush Administration dictate the call to help the innocence. I have always said (for two years now) the US must move hesitantly, but now I think it is time.

And again it isn't WAR! The resolution clearly says states that it would be a strike with no ground troops. If the media is going to get the gender of Pfc Bradley Manning correct than get this scrimmage RIGHT!
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bill Clinton Stumps For Obamacare

Oh so sweet! In 2008, many on the left said the Clintons would never be able to work with Obama and that the Clintons were has beens. You see never trust journalists with political intentions.
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tyler Perry Lays Hands On Bishop T.D. Jakes, Donates $1 Million To Youth Center (VIDEO)

Paying it forward to the youth. Amen!
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John Boehner Backs Obama's Call For Military Action In Syria

Is the media beginning to sit down to a plate of crow? So interesting how many in the media (left and right) started circling around the president questioning his ability to get top members of Congress to support his efforts to strike Syria (nevermind the Geneva Convention called for such actions whenever a country uses chemical weapons against its people). And Saudi Arabia is all for the strike too boot!

Did the media really ever think this president was qualified to lead as they said he was in 2008? I take these charges to the media for it was they who paved the way for an Obama presidency.
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Case Against Rob Carmona, STRIVE East Harlem Founder, Questions Use Of N-Word Among Blacks

I'm at a lost. Will someone please rap about this case? I'm surprised this story even appeared here. I'm not at all surprised that media commentators haven't been discussing this. Quiet as it is kept all this talk about having an open discussion on race is just that talk. No one is really serious about it for if they were we would be STRIVING to tackle issues like this. Stop trying to silence them message that is deemed uncomfortable and allow the truth to come out!

We shall never overcome until we get serious.
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Monday, September 2, 2013

1-Year-Old Boy Shot In The Head In New York City Dies

I know this isn't a popular question to ask but I will ask it: Where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all the other liberals who refuse to speak out vehemently on crime in the black community? Where are the panels that will unequivocally speak on the content of character in the black community? Why are we refusing to address this simply, basic fat elephant in the room?
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Saudi Arabia Backs International Intervention Against Assad

Thank you Saudi Arabia for standing up against tierny. Now I would expect stories from the media on the importance of this major development coming from an Arab country.

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John Kerry: Evidence Of Sarin Gas Used In Syria, U.S. 'Case Is Building' For Strike

Is Secretary of State Kerry beating the war drums or reminding all what many countries agreed upon and that is to punish any country using chemical weapons on its citizens. Now we can play dumb and say the President has lost credibility and Congress is going to vote against him, but at the end of the day those countries signing Geneva Convention agreement (among them the US, UK and Syria) have been given a call to act. Politics should not be (although it is) be a part of this moral obligation.

Looking some years back the media question why the US was standing idly by and not intervening in Syria (even some in Congress wondered this). The moment the President makes a stand the media question why now and what does the US have to gain. Are we that fickle of a country? It is the job of the media to ask questions but it is also their job to report truthfully and accurately and hopefully leaving no stone unturned. It is when the media engage in this ambiguous style of journalism and attempts to justify is when we all lose. My proof is the 2008 election and the calls made that were so wrong.

We have met the enemy and he is Us...
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