Sunday, May 8, 2016

And the winner is...

Accept the inevitable.

And the presumptive nominee as chosen by the people and for the people and without the help of the establishment or money from special interest groups is... New York billionaire and non-politician Donald J. Trump.

Must to the chagrin of many on the right and left Trump beat out 16 well established politicians in what many are calling the roughest, meanest and nastiest political race _ so far.

To say the least, Trump's win was no small fete. He had millions of dollars working against him including insiders of his own republican party to the "Never Trump" and "Stop Donald Trump" super pacs. One cannot forget the gotcha moments by the media who thought Trump was an overnight candidate who would eventually self destruct by his own doing. It didn't happen.  

To be honest, the moment Trump threw his hat in the ring to run for the nations highest office the fate of the party (republican and democrat) was possibly sealed.  Supporters of the business man had long since decided they were feed up with the establishment and its political correctness driven by a biased gatekeeper pretending to be the media. The empty promises from both parties that delivered the same rhetoric year after year  and non-stop blame games.

What Trump managed to do and is doing is unprecedented.  If this wave of Trump continues the political system as we have known it to be will change forever.  The end of big money, special interest groups and party favorites entering the primaries and winning it all will end. The endless ridiculous gladiator fights stage by the media to be debates will be over.

Future races will be on substance and what the people want.  Those entering the race will be able to speak truth to power and all others be damned. As for those media code words: Racism, Sexism, War on Women, War on the poor, just to name a few will hopefully be buried.

We could be standing on a major political shift in this nation.  Now some will compare the Trump effect to that of democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Which is a fair assessment, if you are in favor of socialism; other than that nothing else compares.

Only time will tell if Trump will be able to continue his raw style of politics. Until then, pols of his party should fall in line and accept him as the party head and embrace the change he is bringing.

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