Sunday, May 8, 2016

Let Bernie Be!

Bernie Should Stay...

For better or worse Sen. Bernie Sanders should remain in the democratic race and not because he is moving Hillary Clinton toward the left. He should stay in the race, as Clinton herself did in 2008, until all the votes were cast.

If you will recall, 2008 was another contentious political year pitting two senators Clinton and Barack Obama, the experience and not so experience, against one another.  After the first two contest, many felt Clinton should concede and drop out of the race and allow Obama to take up the mantle. After all he would be the first black president.

The call for Clinton to drop out of the race got so loud and ugly that the race card was played against Clinton and her husband, the beloved former President Bill Clinton, who many had at one point anointed as being the first black president.  That anointing dissipated once reality set in and people saw that a "real" black could possibly become the first black president.

Contrary to popular belief, Sanders remaining in the race will not disrupt or cause a rift in the party.  Many (mainly the media) thought Clinton remaining in the race would create a chasm at the 2008 convention. It didn't all media hype.

That all said, a Clinton indictment over this whole "Damn email" matter could derail her candidacy though unlikely.

So have at it Sanders. You will not win the race or get the nomination, but voters are entitled to vote for you as long as you are there.

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