Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stop Pandering!

Super Predator!

The black vote isn't monolithic.

What happened in the 90' was a result of the times (victims of circumstance).  Now that heroin is on the rise and in light of how society treated previous drug addictions the positions has changed. Now the view is treatment and not punishment. To say the laws are less harsh because of the user is another divisive mechanism of the left and law informational voter.

True super predator

Former President Bill Clinton schooling black lives matter hecklers was right on point. And the media backlash is just another attempt by the media to play the race card as they so successfully did in 2008.

It is time black people (all people) wake up and see the media for what it is _ disingenuous purveyors of pander to the fears of the uninformed voter.

Boycott Tabloid Trash The Boston Globe

"What Happened to Fair And Balanced?"

Really? Are they that desperate to run such a fake story on its front page? Talk about preying on the fears of the voter.  This morning innocent voters woke-up to the below propaganda. No wonder our nation is so divided. We have politicians taking us for a ride and the last haven one would assume you could go to for news reports tabloid trash and its contemporaries applaud as opposed to chastise.

"and we are not saved..."